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  1. .pdf output would be perfect. Yet for building a virtual database, .txt or .csv would be even better, because they could be easily manipulated I was hoping this option already exists, I'm just unable to find it. Well, we might see it in a newer version of cura. Regard, Brian
  2. Hello, I'm wondering if there is any way to output print settings from Cura to a text file of any kind? As I am experimenting with printing TPU and ABS I would like to print out on paper my settings for every 3d print, so I could establish a hardcopy "Printing log" that I could reference for further 3d prints. I am aware that I could just do a print screen, but it would be super helpful if I could output settings from Cura to txt file so I could manipulate the data easier. Thanks for your help, Regards, Brian
  3. I have struggled with manual levelling as well. After a bit trial and error (and a lot of forum searching) I have found a sufficient method for manual levelling. Sice I have dropped the auto levelling completely. 1. Start manual level mode. 2. Before rotating the knob to set the z distance of far back position to 1mm, loosen the back screw for a significant amount (let say at least 2 to 3mm - just eyeball it) 3. Rotate the knob and set the z distance of far back position to 1mm. DO NOT EYEBALL 1MM use some "1mm calibrating card*" and raise it until you feel a bit of
  4. Well, it has been over three months and I finally got my UM back from the reseller. I was correct, the front panel was bent therefore replaced. Now it seats perfectly levelled on my desk, I just need to do some big area test prints to ensure it has resolved all my problems. Regards, Brian
  5. Thank you all. I have contacted my reseller. Will keep you updated. Regards, Brian
  6. gr5 thank you for your help! I have already tried to loosen all the screws and tried to brute force the frame down. No effect whatsoever. The print inside the triangular area of the screws is decent but far from expectations from 3000+ euro device. I have encountered problems when I print two pieces that should interlock by screwing mechanism. The "bolt" was tilted off the Z-axis and they didn't fit. First I thought my print settings were bad and I tried a few times but didn't work out. I am aware that frame does not have to be levelled, but I did my adaptive mount to eliminate one of t
  7. I had the same problem running on 1800p resolution. For me, it was a long trial and error for an easy fix. If you are running on windows right click on Cura shortcut -> Properties -> Compatibility -> TICK the box: Override high DPI scaling behaviour -> From drop down just beneath choose: Scaling performed by: SYSTEM It also worked for AutoCAD and Creative Cloud by Adobe. That should fix it. Or at least it did for me
  8. Well, I have problems with my UM3 frame aswell. I'm a beginner and up until now, I did a few test prints on a smaller scale (let's say 5cm3). But I wanted to print some bigger models since I'm using it for architecture and I will need almost full print volume. Starting my big volume printing with a model of a famous bird feeder that can be found over at Thingiverse. When it started printing brim plate I have found out that my first layer is not the right height. On the front side, the PLA didn't stick on the bed and in the back, there was almost no material on the bed. I have realised my
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