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  1. Hi! At my university we are a frequent user of Cura software paired with wonderful Ultiimaker 3 machine, we do use a "Per Model Settings" option a lot, as we print many iterations of prototypes. Thus often we print a lot of different objects on the same build plate. We would really like to see a feature where you can select multiple object at once and change Per Model Settings for all of them at the same time, this would drastically lower the time needed to change the settings for each individual object and user-experience would be much better. At this point, when selec
  2. Hi! I had the same calibration problem while using BuiltTak FlexPlate on UM3. And yes there is a simple solution for auto-level adjustment. The answer can be found on German-speaking part of this forum: In short words: the table end-stop has to be adjusted. In order to do that you have to poup-up the white cover on the back of the table (with Ultimaker 3 written on it). It is only snapped in, a little bit of force is necessary. Then you will see an allen key screw, which is an end-stop limiter. Unscrew it about 3mm - using washers and tightening it back do
  3. Thank you for such a quick response! I'm glad to report that the patch fixed the above problem for me. PERFECT
  4. Hi ahoeben! It's just Intel's HD 4000. Can I perform any user test for you? I'm very eager help ?
  5. Even worse! ? That's my object: And that's what happens when i click the side wall:
  6. Hi everyone, today, for the first time I wanted to try to Support Blocker function available in Cura 3.3.1. The function, as is, works fine, however placement of the blocker cube is a nightmare. Consider an example when you do not want any PVA support in small horizontal through-hole, like this one: As I understand if I want to block the support I select the body of the object, then select "Support Blocker" and then click the red area visible on the picture above. Aaaaaand nothing happens, however after changing the camera view I find a ver
  7. Hi everyone, thanks for help. I would like to report that I was able to achieve the desired result by changing settings described above. I've tried 0mm Z distance and 0,3mm X/Y distance, and got perfect prints. However if I would print larger object, with large flat support areas, I would increase these values in order to break off the support easier.
  8. Thanks, it sounds very reasonable. I went straight away to try your solution, however I could not replicate my problem... I get confused with this Cura profile/material policy, sometimes i do not understand its behaviour and parameters overrides. This time layers generated for BA support looks much better... But it seems like it, Z an X/Y Distance is different for Breakaway and PVA profile and changing this parameters gives the desired results.
  9. Hi, I'm still trying to solve my problem. I have analysed the layer output in Cura and it is what i have stumbled upon. This is the layer view of same print as above using the PVA profile which works perfect. As you can see the proper print (PLA) touches the support (blue): This is the same layer without any view change but with Breakaway profile chosen. You can clearly see the problem here, the gap between support and print is huge (4-5 layers at least): Can any one point me out what I am doing wrong? Which setting should be altered to eliminate
  10. Active levelling took place right before described print, clean nozzles. Moreover, I need this print so run it with PLA+PVA combination ant it looks perfect so far.
  11. Hi everyone! I need a little help here with the Breakaway material. I have recently bought my first spool of Breakaway and tried my first print, which came out a total failure. I am trying to print a PLA part on a Breakaway support, however the PLA does not adhere to the Breakaway at all. Both PLA and BA stick to the built plate fine, but not to each other. On this batch I've tried printing parts both sticking directly to the build plate and ones that lay only on the BA surface, the outcome is the same. I do not know what is the problem. Maybe it is not the adhesion it
  12. I've managed to disassembly the printhead and fix the wire, now levelling works again. You should consider changing the design of this feature in next release, maybe some wire stress relief would help? Thanks for the assistance.
  13. Can you provide any assembly diagram of the printhead? Repair would be easy however the sensor cable is winded around the sensor connector and it is hard to unwind it. However it is a bit risky to disassembly it without any intructions.
  14. Hi, I have taken out PrintCores and tried to use a multimeter to check the connection. It came out that the sensor cable is damaged and completely cut off from the sensor board. See photo below: How do I fix it? Can I solder it, or the temperature will melt the solder during print? The cable is rather to short for any other fix. Can I disassembly the print head? What about my warranty in that case?
  15. Hi! I have the same problem with my UM3, however the active levelling has been working properly for over half a year now. Today a scheduled levelling occurred and the bed started to push the printcore 2 its absolute limits, then the bed lowers down and approach the printcore once again. I had to power off the printer as it was not responding for the abort command. What could be the problem? Can the sensor be damaged? I would really rather not send the printer back to my reseller as I really need it right now. I have attached logs from my UM3. ultimakersystem-ccbdd300
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