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  1. Old Post. Weighing in for Community benefit. From my experience / understanding: 0.8mm Layer likely too Tall for the Nozzle Dia of 1mm. (Narrow success range) Also, I don't think Cura does great out of the box calculations for > .8mm nozzles... I'm guessing b/c UM's printers don't ship with 1mm or larger.(Lack of feedback, machine designed for < .8mm) I'm assuming you're using a 1mm nozzle. If you ARE, the Line width should be .9 or .95mm (fractionally less, to force the extrusion ovals into close contact with adjacent lines.) My reading tells me that for a
  2. Cura 4.4.1 I feel I'm missing some setting, and have read Cura may be limited somehow with single wall shells? Therefore needing Spiralize? I thought designing an .STL to Exact Nozzle thickness was recommended. However I have two possibly related problems. Problem #1: Layer Height is disabled with .8mm UM nozzle and UM CPE+. There is no ability to change the slider, but neither does it indicate WHAT the layer height will be. It CAN be changed in Custom... but I'm trying to print only with UM recommended settings. See Greyed Out. I have tried deleting
  3. @DrCeeVee I've ran an Ultimaker 3+ for 3 years now, printing usually once a day (1-6hr prints) , and can't remember a single instance of a Software crash (on the machine,) especially mid-print. Cura itself DOES crash, but that's irrelevant to the sent Gcode. There have been no memorable cases where I've needed to power cycle EXCEPT during setup: Sometimes the Prime Blob goes crazy (3x volume) and then gets dragged over to print (haven't seen that too much this year. If I mess with the print cores, or leapfrog prompts, it will give a Print core temp error, and I'll have to
  4. @panhalt : I have the UM3+ and the Solex Hardcore set. I regularly use the Solex 0.8 and 0.6. Both of them require me to OVERRIDE the nozzle just before print time, as you say. This is the scary warning "If you override, You can break your damn printer." more or less. I wish it wasn't this way. But in my understanding, Ultimaker has an Open Filament system, (Using a Custom Material Profile will not require an Override. But, they DO NOT have an open "Print core" system. So, Using anything OTHER than the .25, .4. .8 Print Cores (Stock) will always require the scary wa
  5. I figured it out. But it’s none of the solutions listed above. The only way to enable maximum build area is to turn off Travel > Avoid printed parts. A search for maximum build volume was my turned this up. (+ no Adhesion or 2nd extruded, obviously) even if the second extruder is disabled, Cura still attempts to avoid it crossing over the single extruder area.
  6. Having the same Issue. I realize this is an old thread. I have a Part that's 211.9 mm Round and Cura's ACTUAL allowable area seems to be LESS than 215. This is very frustrating. One would think Cura would compare the bounding box of the object the shaded area.... but that's not all of it. 2nd Extruder is OFF. Adhesion is Off. However, it is NOT helping, nor is Cura giving guidance as to why it won't fit. Update: Here's the screenshot that would have driven you all mad. Both the OP and my own part visually FIT within the shaded area, usin
  7. Can’t text to your number, and the email is invalid coming from an iPad.... Sef here, might be interested if still available. Studio@sefpinney.com if it is.
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