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  1. Are you sure you are wanting to print something appox 1/2 the thickness of your filament?
  2. Make sure you do not have brim, raft or skirt selected.
  3. You don't have that option (But that would be a good idea for them to add). You have to install it in the resources folder of program files. Or just do a custom setup and enter the info of your printer.
  4. Are you talking about a json or a custom printer file that you set up in Cura?
  5. What kind of layer heights are you trying to run and what printer do you have. Let me get this straight you are trying to run better than .001?
  6. That's because I have it set in the extruder gcode. If you need to adjust it just change this number for both extruders and make sure the end code is a - number to retract.
  7. I wrote one for Cura 4.0 its in the facebook group files @ https://www.facebook.com/groups/254753545293582/ . You need a skirt for the 1st color purge because it will not go to the prime tower and purge but works great after that.
  8. After running the same file that I uploaded that doesn't work correctly I thought I would try it with the Ultimaker S5 and guess what it does the exact same thing (does not move to the prime tower and purge the old color on the first exchange, just changes color right in the middle of the print). Of course, since it has 2 different nozzles the contamination (or in the S5's case blob) isn't as noticeable but it's there. Just run the Cura simulation and you will see it never goes to the prime tower. Make sure you turn off brim or skirt. Cura 3.4.1 is the last version that does not have this behavior.
  9. I have also tried to set up the CR-X as custom and still have the same problem so that eliminates the printer definition. Here is the file where the 1st color switch never goes to the prime tower to purge the previous color. But from then on they work correctly. CCRX_Cura Test.3mf
  10. Now that option is not even available for the CR-X. I had to install the S5 just to find it thinking it may have something to do with my problem.
  11. Because it never purges the previous color it just retracts the previous color and runs in the 2nd color and starts printing instead of going to the priming tower, so you have the purge or contaminated color in the model. After that all other extruder swaps it does correctly.
  12. I understand keeping the tower the same height, but when it switches for the next color change on the 1st layer it never goes to the prime tower, it just switches and prints the mixed color in the model.
  13. When printing 2 colors why does it go to the prime tower first and do a complete layer before it goes to the actual print?
  14. Bummer, I got all excited about the new release of Cura 4.0 thinking my Printer definition would be listed for the CR-X but it wasn't. How long after it has been submitted and accepted (it has been a little over 2 months) does it usually take before you see it included in the new versions?
  15. This all depends on your printer and nozzle size.
  16. The only problem with that is I installed the exact same profile/configuration in 3.4.1 and it works perfectly. Not sure what has changed and I understand that you concentrate mainly on Ultimaker printers but something has.
  17. Try adding to your extruder start code M104 S{material_print_temperature} after your G92 E0 on both extruders. That is where I used it on my Creality CR-X. But as for the 1st extruder swap. where it never goes to the prime tower, I posted that problem earlier, the only way I know to cure that is to make sure you have skirt big enough to handle the color purge.
  18. What does you extruder starting code look like? What version of Cura are you running? I have a Creality CR-X and do not have a M104 T0 S0 until the very last line in the Gcode and I am using Cura 4.0 beta
  19. It does just the opposite if you have snap rotation unchecked. Still not as good as a box to enter the rotation amount.
  20. I have noticed that on a 2 color file that the 1st color swap that it does not go to the prime tower and purge the 1st color. It works fantastic on the 2nd swap and on. I have to add a brim large enough to purge all the old color out or it will contaminate the other color on the 1st swap. Has anyone else noticed this problem? This may be specific to a 2 in and one out nozzle. This is on a Creality CR-X.
  21. Do I upload my printer and extruder json's into the resources folder and then their correct folders (definitions and extruders) or just in the main area and then submit a pull request?
  22. No, I am not. I have already written the json and have it working to my satisfaction. I just need to submit it. I cloned the master, I think, and it shows up under Repositories, then I created a branch called CR-X. Is this correct and do I upload my printer definition and extruder jsons here.
  23. How do I go about submitting a new Printer Definition file (json)? I asked this in another topic and thought it would be better to start a new one.
  24. I have one written and waiting on Creality's permission to submit it. How do I go about submitting the profile?
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