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  1. Gets stuck was a bad choice of word. The rollers stop turning, but filament continues to pass. As mentioned in the first part of that last post.
  2. @gr5 I tried as you suggested and ran the filament through by hand facing the way it would be go normally and it seems to get caught and stop the rollers each time. I had tried with some straight filament and it was fine. With the curve like normal it gets stuck. I tried to file down the teeth a bit but it didn’t help.
  3. Has anyone with the filament sensor tried it with a Bondtech DDG extruder and a UM2+? No matter what I try or is suggested for me to try the flow rate just drops down until it gets to 0% using the move menu. Steps climb as I turn the dial but flow rate always drops to 0%. No no issues with printing when filament sensor is not connected. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Hello, How many print hours does the S5 have currently?
  5. Stock feeder that came with the UM2+. Its set to 369 steps.
  6. I have tried that as well because when doing the factory reset to stock firmware it runs through the first time setup wizard and one of the steps is loading the filament. Its odd because even when I prep the filament by manually feeding until filament starts to flow and it prints the robot fine, next print it will start to under extrude again.
  7. Hello all, I'm been fighting with under extrusion on one of my UM2+ printers. Things I have tried. 1. Changed the nozzle (replaced with an Olson ruby from another working machine) 2. Taken apart the print head and cleaned out any debris 3. Replaced the PTFE Coupler (I could feed some resistance when pushing filament through) 4. Cleaned the inside of the Bowden tube 5. Taken apart the extruder and cleaned debris 6. Set the tension on the extruder to various levels between minimum and maximum tension 7. I've reset the printer to factory (a few times) and loaded Tinker V18.11.1 I am just trying to print the Ultimaker Robot from the SD card. What I've noticed is that the printer will warm up, try to extrude some filament before starting to print (nothing comes out) then starts printing with no filament coming out. When I go to Maintenance -> Advanced -> Move Material and manually extrude by turning the wheel it takes a couple of turns but then filament starts to flow without issue. The only thing not stock about this machine is a printed lever for the extruder to allow for manual filament changes. I can see the marks on the filament showing that the extruder is biting into it. Any suggestions or things to try would be very welcome.
  8. Yep I can understand the amount of possible combinations with the various mods that can be done. My UM2GO as the Olson Block/iRoberti Feeder/Meduza Upgrade kit and a heated bed :). Thanks for the firmware to make that all possible :). I'd be happy to try the filament sensor with my UM2+
  9. Any chance this would also work with a UM2GO? I'd love to grab one for a UM2+ and a UM2GO.
  10. I've got a UM2GO that I purchase earlier this year. Its a fantastic little printer. Upgraded it to with a heated bed, meduza + iroberti feeder, door kit, 40W heater and an Olsson block. One additional thing I like about it is that it shares most of the same parts as my UM2+ so any spare parts can be interchanged in a pinch. Works good as a second printer to print off smaller items while my UM2+ works on bigger/longer jobs.
  11. Hi, how much are you looking to get for this UM2?
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