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  1. So I recently got a hold of a used control board out of a UM2 printer. I’m working on a custom printer design, and I’d really like to use the board to control it; at least for now, so that I don’t have to dish out a bunch of cash for a new printer controller (eventually I’ll be using a Duet Maestro). The printer I’m building will be a CoreXY, not the typical Ultimaker geometry. Also, there will be no heated bed, and for now I plan to just drive the printer straight from a computer as I don’t have the SD reader or LCD. my question is: how can I go about changing the existing UM2 firmware to work for my project? Can I upload the standard Marlin build with the correct configuration.h for my setup, or is the pinout setup differently for the UM2 version of Marlin? Thank you I’m advanced!
  2. Is there anything/anywhere else I can check for crash data?
  3. I should note that Cura freezes/crashes on me when I try to make setting changes to my printer, save gcode, or change the visibility on slicing settings. It happens no matter which printer profile I select, but especially when I select my "Custom FDM Printer" ("Hephaestus"). Also, if I save directly to my other printer's SD card there's no crash - only if I try to save direct to file.
  4. Here is a link to the shared log file. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1CtJVY6ckW3DW3NIl7G5Vr_OEZ_XDFYst/view?usp=sharing
  5. How can I find the logs? I opened Cura and went to Help -> Show configuration folder, but there is no Cura.log file there
  6. Cura has always crashed on me when I attempt to make any settings/profile changes. It didn't used to be a big deal, but recently when I built my custom printer, I created a custom profile for it in Cura so I could slice files for it there. I wasn't even able to use Cura on my computer (Worked fine on my other desktop) to slice for the printer because it would crash anytime I tried to make any setting changes. I contacted my laptop's manufacturer and they suggested I install new drivers for my built in graphics card. That seemed to work. I was now able to slice and edit my slicer/printer settings without a problem. When I hit "save to file", however, Cura crashed. I tried again, and same thing. The weird thing is, it actually writes and saves the gcode - just not all of it. After I hit save to file, Cura immediately seizes and stops working. I can find the saved gcode file and look at it, however. Everything looks fine, until the very end. Cura writes the last line of actual gcode, and then just gives up. It doesn't add the "end gcode", so when the print finishes, my printer just stops moving at the last line of code. It doesn't return to home, it doesn't turn off the hot end or fans, it just stops. This is really frustrating because it means I have to manually add that code, or I have to monitor my printer. It also means I have to reboot Cura if I want to reslice or slice something else. Any ideas what may be wrong?
  7. Is there a way for me to post a log of Cura for someone to take a look at? I've seen others do that in similar discussions, but I'm not totally sure how to pull the logs
  8. Also, in case this helps a diagnosis, Cura has been freezing when saving a gcode file for my new printer profile. It seems to slice fine, and actually saves all of the print gcode, but freezes towards the end of the save so that my gcode file does not have my 'end gcode' written. This means when my printer finishes the print, it does not lift the z, or home, or even shut off the hot end - it just stops right where it read the last line of gcode in the file. Seriously this is all becoming super frustrating.
  9. I've had an issue with Cura freezing for a while. It used to happen every once in awhile when changing print settings. I disabled auto-slice and that fixed the issue for awhile. Now, recently, I've started trying to use Cura to slice for my custom FDM printer, but the issues is back. Now Cura freezes any time I attempt to make setting changes to the printer profile in 'Manage Printers'. This is becoming incredibly frustrating because it's preventing me from using Cura as a slicer for my new printer. I bit ago I read that there is a bug in the grid.shader file that can cause this issue, and someone suggested replacing that file with a different one from GitHub. Others (having fairly similar problems) said this worked for them, but I was not able to replace the file (something about not having permission from the owner to make changes). Is anyone else having this issue? Can anyone help me find a way to resolve the problem? Thanks!
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