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  1. I need to print optically-reflective material. I have tried to use the Formfutura Galaxy filament, which is spiked with aluminum flakes. However, after 300g of print, it clogged the AA04 printhead irreversibly. I cannot manage to unclog the printhead, not with a cleaning filament and not even by raising the temperature to >300°C. The Formfutura specs say that the filament is not abrasive and do not say anything about caution with nozzle size. Is this something that is known? Ruining printheads is a rather expensive side effect...
  2. Is it possible to achieve IP64 or IP65 splash-proofing of a Tough-PLA print? I must design an outdoor case for low-voltage (5-12V) electronics equipment. If I print with 100% infill, what is the minimal wall thickness that would afford protection from rain/snow/moisture?
  3. Not sure I understand. Obviously the printer knows when it stalls. It tells so via the display, and you can check it on the app as well. Why would be so complex to send a notification, e.g. by executing a custom script? We have a bunch of $100 surveillance cameras that send all kinds of selectable alerts (including push notification and emails) when they detect movement. There is even a completely free Raspberry software (MotionEye) that offers movement notification either by email, or a by web hook, or by execution of a script. Regrettably, it detects "movement" rather than "abse
  4. fair point and apologies for my rant, which is borne out of frustration with the inability to get any kind of warning if a remote printer runs into any kind of trouble.
  5. Absolutely! After you've paid $6K for a high-end printer, the least you can do is to learn android app coding and make your own plugins in order to enable basic functions! 😉
  6. ...that alerts me of a problem (e.g. run out of filament, pause, or else) by push notification? Because without that, the app is very-close-to-useless.
  7. In my case it turns out it was a failing front fan. It was still revolving, but at a lower speed insufficient to cool the printheads.
  8. I am getting very frequent tPLA underextrusion on my S5, resulting in halted prints (if the flow sensor is on) or ruined print (if the flow sensor is off). I have replaced both the prinhead and the bowden tube, and I have cleaned the feeder many times. None of this has resolved the issue. Now I have noticed that the part of the filament entering the upper part of the printhead has an increased diameter, suggesting that it was partially molten. I think that this may indicate that the temperature creeps up from the nozzle to the upper metal tube. If true, this might indicate that the s
  9. Never mind, I have found that Cura will still slice and print, even if the values are marked in red as erroneous!
  10. This thingy https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4256347 is supposed to deliver a flexible hygiene mask holder by avoiding to print the top/bottom layers. The STL has tops and bottoms, but the instructions say to print it without them, such that the hex infill will become visible. With Cura, however, I cannot find a way to do that. If I set Layer thickness to zero, it marks it as error. Is there a way to do that?
  11. I mostly have tPLA+PVA. Contrary to expectations, it's the tPLA that gives trouble; the PVA is just fine (I dry it regularly). And it's real underextrusion, meaning that turning off the flow sensor will result in a ruined print... 😞
  12. I am frequently getting the dreaded message: "One material appears to be empty" (which in reality means: "the Hall sensor in the feeder is not detecting any filament movement"). I have cleaned and inspected the feeder, replaced the Bowden, and of course checked the filament. Can this be a sign that the printhead is worn out and needs to be replaced?
  13. Thanks. Here we go: https://www.dropbox.com/s/e5840y68p3322ek/2020-08-25 16.53.26.mp4 The rattling noise comes during movements along the Y-axis (not the X-axis), and it is audible during unidirectional movement. Therefore, I don't think it's a loose rod.
  14. Thanks a million Erin!!! BTW, may I accede to your kind help again with a related question? Since a few days, the S% is making rattling noises. Rat-rat-rat-rat-rat-rat at approx. 2-3 Hz frequency. It seems to come from the upper front-left corner, maybe from a pulley. Does this ring any bell?
  15. Thank you, this is very helpful! However, it begs the question of what is the least-cumbersome way to remove the guiding bars. I guess that it is probably best to first uninstall the the printhead and its axes then unscrew the side walls in order to take off the guiding bars then remove one cogwheel from the guiding bar, then slide in the black slider? right? 🙂
  16. The UMS5 has a black thingy (don't know how it's called) into which the axis snaps. It no longer snaps though. Maybe the side retainers (made of plastic) are worn. Might somebody explain to me how to remove and replace it? 🙂 I would be immensely grateful!
  17. I had one feeder replaced on warranty, and that eliminated the issue. The filament channel within the feeder can become worn out pretty badly: the knurled wheels of the feeder are of hard metal but everything else is wobbly plastic. It would be nice if some third-party would be a more sturdy replacement feeder, all in metal.
  18. OK, thanks. I thought that my LAN may have a problem, but this is the only device that does that. For a printer in this price class, this is not a great assurance of quality...
  19. On long prints, my S5 loses periodically its internet connection (ethernet cable). The first few hours of any print are OK, then I start getting messages on the browser that "the printer cannot be reached" and that "no detailed information is available". That goes for a few minutes, then the printer reappears - for a while - and then it disappears again. The printer is pingable at all times, and the video stream from the camera is always available. I wonder whether I am the only one with this issue.
  20. How do I configure Cura to instruct my UM S5 to stop after printing a defined layer?
  21. Thanks. So, the UMS5 printer will not automatically adjust the temperature, even if instructed that the replacement spool has a different material?
  22. nobody really? I tried it now, ToughPLA->PLA. The printer objected with a warning, which I overruled. Let's hope that I will not screw up the whole thing...
  23. Let's say, I start a print on a UM S5 with Tough PLA, and I run out of filament at half of the print. Can I go through the filament change procedure, but load something else than Tough PLA? The printer asks me what material I am loading, so in principle I presume that I could do that. But when Cura had sliced and sent off the g-code, it assumed that everything would be printed with Tough PLA. Is that going to be an issue?
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    Yep, that's what I did. But I am intrigued. The design software is Fusion, the parameters are as shown here:
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