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  1. So, how many sock puppet accounts would I need to get Space Mouse support 🙂
  2. Looks like this time, it won't be hours, it won't be ever (sans service). I wish they hadn't embedded the power supply. There are a lot of good things about embedding a power supply but serviceability isn't one of them.
  3. I'll be in contact with support (again) about this, but am wondering if anyone else has experienced it and possibly got it fixed. Sometimes when powered up my S5 will takes hours to actulaly power on. You hit the switch and absolutely nothing happens. Quite a few hours later (more then a couple, less then 12...) it will power up (switch was left on). When it does this, it doesn't make a peek; no fan spin, etc. It is .. bizarre. Anyone else see this? Sending my printer in for service will be a huge hassle. (if it would stay on WiFi I'd just never power cycle it... but it won't. Better then before, but still falls off occasionally)
  4. Is there an official, or even unofficial, maximum recommended chamber temperature for S5? If not, does anyone have thoughts on it? I'd assume something below 65 or so C, as one would believe the steppers would be hating above that, but wonder just where that line is. I won't hold you to your ideas 🙂
  5. G28 X0 Y0 in addition to the G28 Z0 you have already. I dunno, I always put the X0 Y0 one before the Z0
  6. I've had this happen in 5.28 but also in previous versions. In all cases a reboot of the printer cleared it.
  7. I also use Simplify3D for my other printer. Some things are more accurate then I get with Cura+S5, but lots of things are less so, such as outer diameters. I'll also say that the profiles are very different between the two. I've driven the other printer using Cura and the outcome is fairly different (generally better quality, but slower, and I've not measured accuracy in that case)
  8. As far as I can see, the basic problem is that a fixed value doesn't really do the trick. Ultimately it depends on filament, settings *and* geometry, and the geometry is what really throws it all for a loop. I look forward to the day when the software can analyze the geometry and adjust automatically (to within what you know about the filament, etc)
  9. Will this step on my custom materials and printers defined in Beta 2?
  10. At least some kinds of PLA i've had consistently get brittle with age, whether on the spool on in printed form. Lots of people kind of deny it, so I'm not sure if they haven't had printed PLA things aged a good amount of time, or if it is formulation issue, or environmental, but for sure some of it does. Also, if I leave a roll of PLA on my machine for a while, it will almost surely break where it is stressed in a week or two (this is on my other non-UM machine, 1.75mm). I've had PVA break at the extruder many many times when first loading. Sometimes I just cut off the first meter now if I haven't used it in a while. I think one issue with that is when the UM unloads the PVA, the 'cold-ish-pull" it tends to do can grind a dent into the PVA -- I've observed it. That becomes a weak point. The new firmware tends to lessen that as the filament tends to pull a lot easier on unload. Just my experience.
  11. Larger parts exert a LOT more force on the corners/edges. It sounds like just a bed adhesion problem, where you have enough for smaller parts but the big ones are getting you. The usual solutions -- brims, adhesion help, more squished first layers, etc. will probably do the trick. You can get pretty big with PLA and survive it if you can get the adhesion.
  12. You don't say what printer or material, but here is a completely random possibility when this started happening to me recently when normally I am fighting to get PLA off the bed. I had dual extruder set up, one PLA, one ABS. I was printing something *entirely* in PLA, but because the ABS extruder wasn't disabled, Cura heated the bed up to ABS temp (Cura, please don't do this!). Turns out PLA will adhere to a bed this hot (I think it was 85 or something), but it is reaaaal soft and tends to curl up and corners. Of course, there about a zillion other reasons too.
  13. I seem to be stuck with an unloaded filament but can't convince Cura + firmaware to let me print. I had nylon loaded in #2. I've since disabled #2 to print some #1 PLA. If we drop down the printer, it knows there is nothing in #2: However, I select that configuration (Whilte PLA + none), it doesn't take ... It still thinks there is nylon. This is also in spite of the extruder being disabled (I could go on at length at how bad Cura is when you have a single filament print but two things loaded ... like using the higher bed temp of the two, despite one of them being unused....). I select the config, and it remains convinced nylon is loaded. Then, if I print ... Short of lying about nylon being loaded, I'm not even sure how to get it to print (though haven't tried that hard) Basically I cannot convince Cura that nothing is loaded in #2 PK
  14. Upgrading form Beta 1 to Beta 2 dumped my custom printer definition and all custom materials. This is .. disappointing. And quite a bit of work. Are they still lurking around somewhere by any chance? Windows.
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