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  1. I actually had a problem with that for a while, and tweaked a thing or two to make things align a bit better and it was ok. I was tempted for a time to replace the magnets with stronger ones. For sure, this time, the print came loose. I use dimafix normally for ABS and got lazy and didn't re-apply in time, and printed the same thing over a few times in the same spot, doh. So it is 100% my fault that it failed, though I wish the machine had a little better detection for that (actually just detecting the cover popping open would be a big help) Yah, it was over an hour of work. The
  2. Print went quite badly. I discovered it with the banging sound the printer was making.... So, I end up with 2 problems to correct. Problem 1: The print core is surround by ABS. On a simpler printer I've just pulled out the hot air re-work and worked it off, but here there is a lot more heat sensitive components. How do I go about not destroying the head and, if I'm really lucky, even recovering the core? I've had one less then this previously and recovered the core, but this is going to be a big effort to even get the core out. Problem #2: Re-aligning one of the rail th
  3. It got fixed by sending the printer in for warranty repair. The power supply needed replaced.
  4. Maye I missed the setting somewhere to enable this, but when I use dual extrusion with a prime tower (main material extruder 1, PVA extruder 2) it isn't retracting when it moves to the prime tower for extruder 1, leaving a whole bunch of strings pointing in the direction of the tower. In this case CC core printing GF30 PA6 for extruder 1, but likely not relevant. Added: Correction. Looking at the preview, it might be when it *enters* the print from the prime tower. Like, it starts extruding early on the way in? Kind of odd, and I'm not sure how that could result in the strings hang
  5. I should add that my ambients run 16-21 (depending on the time of year), and clearly some people will have much higher and that will definitely make a pretty big difference.
  6. I've been running my S5 with an acrylic "hat" pretty much since I got it. When not printing PLA, I leave the doors closed (I open them for PLA). Now, my hat is not as closed up as the air manager; notably, it has an open section where the Bowden tubes enter, so will not hold heat as well as the air manager, but the chamber temperate has never gotten even close to 50, even with 100C build plate. So' I'd imagine the risk of over temp is relatively low, though I may be underestimating the additional sealing of the air manager. BTW, here I forgot to open the doors for PLA; you can clea
  7. Well, if it assumes initial conditions (ambient temperature) will stay the same for the entire print (possibly days), i'd call that guessing 🙂 Seriously though, there is no way to even remotely nail the fan speed perfectly to hit the right temp over a very long print, how can this possibly get a remotely accurate chamber temperature over a long period without feedback? The prioritizing air movement thing was going by statements regarding about ensuring particles are removed. For example, from the description of intended operation, I doubt the algorithm would leave the fan entirely
  8. I'd really like some more information here. This sounds like it is essentially open loop control? It does not continue to measure the chamber temperature and adjust as it goes? I know that the primary state purpose is filtering the air but my primary purpose (and I'm willing to bet lots of others) is to keep dust out (the place the printer is located is sometimes very dusty) and still control the chamber temperature (currently I have o remember to keep the doors open when I print PLA, for example). My current "hat" is very busted up and I have an order in for the Air Manager in the hopes
  9. Ok, the last one was too verbose. tl;dr I'm having some trouble with heat creep on the S5; it is reproducible in a particular print, and jams every time at (ballpark) the same layers. Cooling fan does spin and blow air. Filament is eSun ABS+ printing with standard ABS profile. Suggestions?
  10. Ever since they fixed the flow sensor code, I've only gotten this warning when there was, in fact, and extrusion problem. At least a couple of times I've been all "oh you S5, you gone dumb again" but then it turned out that yah, a partial clog at least has happened. Make sure you check very carefully. Under the old firmware (a while back) I got false alerts a lot, especially with PVA or clear filament.
  11. Printer: S5, Cura 4.3.0, Generic "Normal" ABS profile I've not printed much of this eSun ABS+, but have had some successful prints using generic ABS settings. However, with what I am trying to print right now at least twice the nozzle (AA 0.4) has clogged at roughly the same place. When I did a nozzle cleaning, the red went up further then I would expect; I strongly suspect it's a heat creep clog. The cooling fan is running and blows, it seems, about as much air as such a tiny fan can (UM: Use a bigger fan). Airways seem largely unobstructed. Picture attached. Note I have printed a singl
  12. You need to start hiring remote 🙂 I've got decades of experience but am in the wrong country (and cannot move...) and would so love to work on something I love.
  13. Yup, I've also complained about this, gotta squat down to read the buttons when they are that colour. If it was open source I just woulda done a pull request...
  14. I managed to bust up my hat for my S5 (it does need a hinged lid...). It needs replaced; it's hanging on, but it's gonna be a goner soon enough. Of course, the air manager beckons. I'm more interested in the chamber temperature increase. So 1) How hot can the chamber get? 2) How effective is it? 3) Is the intent to have the printer wait until the chamber is up to temperature? This is all assuming room temp ambient (20 C). My other option is another hat and add some heating/venting (I forgot to open the doors *again* today for a PLA prin
  15. So, how many sock puppet accounts would I need to get Space Mouse support 🙂
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