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  1. My bed stopped heating recently and I traced the problem to the terminal block on the main board. One side of this block was burned out. If I remove the wire and touch it directly to the contact on the board, the bed heater starts working again. Can I just solder these wires to the bed, or do I need to put in a new terminal block? If so, does anyone have an idea of what part to order? I'm competent at soldering but lack some of the knowledge of *why* things are the way they are. Does the terminal block just provide an easier way to replace the wires, or does it offer so
  2. I'm still trying to find the documentation that previously lived at https://ultimaker.com/en/resources/19953-aligning-the-axles . Anyone happy to know where this page is now ? or have a cached version?
  3. Ah in case anyone else needs it: https://support.ultimaker.com/hc/en-us/articles/360012834499-Ultimaker-2-repair-manuals https://support.ultimaker.com/hc/en-us/sections/360003548819-Maintenance https://support.ultimaker.com/hc/en-us/sections/360003548499-Ultimaker-2- As far as I can tell, these are harder to find now than they were, and all the old links no longer work, but the info is still here.
  4. Ooh, update. I found a link to https://ultimaker.com/en/resources/50870-check-the-tension-of-the-short-belts which no longer exists 😞
  5. I needed to align the axes on the UM2+ and I've done this before. I remember a page on the ultimaker website that described the order of tightening the set screws on the pulleys, which I can no longer find. I'm also unable to find the page about checking the tension of the short belts. I can probably make up both of these things, but I'm wondering where all the documentation went and which other documentation is missing.
  6. Any chance you'd be willing to share these JSON files? I'm interested in doing a similar adjustment.
  7. For anyone who might be interested, I made a mark2 mount for the side of the ultimaker when you want to print with just one head https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3676194
  8. Ah found the answer. In the Dual Extrusion menu, if you select extruder 1, z offset is for nozzle 1. If you select extruder 2, z offset is for nozzle 2.
  9. In the TInker firmware, I remember a menu setting that let me tweak the z-offset after buildplate adjustment to fine tune it. For the Mark2 variant, I've seen the z-offset adjustment for the second nozzle, but I can't find it for the first nozzle. Was this setting dropped in the mark 2 variant? Anyone know where that setting is controlled in the source code? I've been compiling my own firmware anyway, so I'm fine to just flip a bit somewhere, but I'm not sure what that setting is called.
  10. I ended up using PlatformIO inside VSCode to build the mark2 firmware. I had to update the platformio.ini settings to match the make parameters from the DualExpansionBoard build rule, since thats what I have: src_build_flags = -DTEMP_SENSOR_1=20 -DEXTRUDERS=2 -DTEMP_SENSOR_BED=20 -DFILAMENT_SENSOR_PIN=30 -DBABYSTEPPING -DUM2PLUS -DTCSDSCRIPT -DFAN2_PIN=6 -DHOTEND_FAN2_PIN=14 -DZ_MAX_POS=325 -DDEFAULT_POWER_BUDGET=160 -DHEATER_0_MAXTEMP=315 -DHEATER_1_MAXTEMP=315 -DSTRING_CONFIG_H_AUTHOR=\"TinkerMark2_19.03\"
  11. Sure. My thought is that there's something specifically wrong with the mark2 hex files, since I can upload other hex files fine (including the Tinker firmware). I figured if I could rebuild the mark2 hex it might work. I tried uploading the mark2 hex with avrdude and it uploaded fine, but then had verification errors (which led to my UM2 screen being black :!) I was able to upload the stock firmware to get it back to a working state. Now I'm looking at the makefile to try to figure out what might be wrong.
  12. Ah I didn't see the Mark2 branch, thanks for the pointer. I built that firmware in Ardunio and uploaded it, but it doesn't seem to have any dual nozzle support? I found a note somewhere that I'd need to run /.package.sh to build it myself, so I'm attempting that on linux. That script is throwing an error that looks like one others have seen on this forum: RM _Mark2Dual/* RMDIR _Mark2Dual/ make: *** No rule to make target '_Mark2Dual/wiring.o', needed by '_Mark2Dual/Marlin.elf'. Stop. cp: cannot stat '_Mark2Dual/Marlin.hex': No such file or directory RM _Mark2DualF
  13. Well, almost 4 months later, I finally got the expansion board and the rest of the wires I needed to upgrade to a mark2 um2+ and I'm unable to install any of the mark2 firmware .hex files 😞 From Cura, I can successfully upload the stock firmware, and upload tinker marlin firmware, but it times out trying to install the Mark2 firmware. I've tried every variant of the Mark2 firmware that exists and none of those work for me. Any ideas on what to try? Is there a way to compile my own .hex from a Mark2 firmware source? (Doesn't seem to be that source on github)
  14. The happiest 3 words I've seen all week I burned a new bootloader to the UM2+. I used an Arduino Leonardo that I had lying around and gammon's bootloader for the atmega2560. After a tense moment when the screen on the Um2+ went black, I tried uploading the marlin firmware from source in Arduino IDE and it worked. After that, I can now use Cura again to successfully update the firmware. Thanks so much for your help!
  15. If I wanted to fix the bootloader how would I do that? Do I have to use an ISP device? Where can I get the right bootloader?
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