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  1. I have an S5 Pro with the material station and the air handler. It's about a year old and will include pretty much everything it came with. I'll throw in all the filament I have too (TPU, PLA, ABS, PETG). I have the original boxes for all 3 components. $7000 OBO
  2. I'm struggling to get a consistent finish on my TPU prints. It starts and ends well, but if there is a break in the wall of the print, the finish is rough and not translucent. I've tried messing with z hop, reducing and increasing retraction speed and distance and raising and lowering temperature and none seem to help. Does anyone have any ideas? Attached are a couple pictures showing what I'm talking about. And my latest Cura settings. S5 Pro Sainsmart TPU
  3. I'm seeing the same thing, I think. I saw it last night 2x when trying to start a print and needing to swap filament in the material station. Screen stuck at "Ultimaker" both times.
  4. That's only for 5.6.8. A couple of firmware updates ago, they did this same thing and the notes were available on that page later in the day.
  5. Same here. WLAN is all I've tried. Just as unreliable as ever.
  6. I have the same problem as danieledge123 on nearly every print. The WiFi generally stays connected if I'm not printing, but then ping times go way up and the disconnects start after a print starts. Really seems like the WiFi process is set too low in the printer's priorities at the OS level.
  7. I have the same problem. The problem, I think is that WiFi is given too low of a priority, as WiFi stays strong if you're not printing. I haven't been able to locate my printer close to Ethernet for long enough to really test it, but the testing is shows that it is far more reliable.
  8. yep, pretty ridiculous. I supposed you could schedule it, but it'd be hard to know how often. Sometimes it stays up for an entire job and sometimes it can't last 5 minutes. The really dumb thing is that they have had what I think is the fix committed in their github for months now. No idea why it didn't get pushed out on the last few firmware updates. https://github.com/Ultimaker/mjpg-streamer/commit/baf9cda52427f4c45a5ce8d6f869157a8f4f9338
  9. I have a long running ticket with UM support about this. I've send multiple logs and offered to help in any way possible. Still no solution. I run mine via Wifi. What I've learned: If you're network is still up, but camera is down and you have dev mode enabled, you can SSH to the printer and type systemctl restart mjpg-streamer@0 to get the camera working. I just leave an SSH session open to the printer, as it requires a restart multiple times per job. WiFi will usually stays up indefinitely if the printer isn't doing anything, but as soon as you start pri
  10. did all development stop with Covid-19? I'm so tired of my S5 losing network and camera on every single print.
  11. Hey everyone, I've been fighting this with since getting my S5. Glad to hear 5.6 will finally bring some relief. If you have dev mode on, you can SSH to the box and run systemctl restart mjpg-streamer@0 to get the camera working again. It may not last long though. I usually have to do that multiple times throughout a print. All that does is restart the camera streaming service. I found a commit on their github that seems to like it'll fix it, so here's hoping 5.6 isn't too far away.
  12. I've had my S5 for about a month now and after working with support and getting a replacement machine determined that the wifi on these machines is really terrible. They blamed my network for it, but didn't offer any settings I could change to make it work better. They basically said that wifi works in their lab. After reading a few posts on here, it sounds like I'm not alone. Has anyone found a way to improve it with something like a driver update via dev mode, hacking the internal antenna or even adjusting their access point settings? Getting a wire to the locat
  13. I wish they'd acknowledge and fix their WiFi. With as bad as it is, there's really no point in saying it has it. I opened a ticket with them and they blamed my network...
  14. Thanks for your reply. I think I got the prints much better now. Still have some stringing, but not nearly as bad. Odd that some colors of filament from the same vendor require different settings.
  15. We just purchased a S5 for the purpose of printing TPU, but have been getting lackluster prints. Our primary prints are GoPro mounts, so they have overhang in some dimension, almost always. The symptoms of our prints are general "stringiness", breaking prints when bent and messy joints where supports are needed. We've tried Ultimaker 95A TPU, as well as stuff from Sainsmart. Does anyone have settings that they have proven to work with this material? Or any suggestions for us?
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