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  1. Able to print brim but not the actual part. attaching images please have a look.
  2. Hi, same issue is happening with me, but i can able to print with ABS. Recently i got to know that my front fan of printhead is also not working properly.
  3. The issue is the material is not extruding properly on the build plate. I tried all the possible way i know to solve the issue but I couldn't solve it . smaller prints are printing good but bigger prints are giving issues. Please look at the images and help me to solve the issue.
  4. previously i used ABS material later i cleaned the printcore and extruded the pla it extruded good and printed one print after that its not printing layer and not extruding properly.
  5. i can able to print one print. the next one showing same issue.
  6. I just switch the Printcores. i am thinking the issue might be in the stepper motor of the feeder.
  7. Thanks Carla its working. May i know the reason and how to solve the issue.
  8. Hi, I am also facing same issue but only with PLA material.
  9. Hi, i am using ultimaker s5 from past 1 year. After updating the latest version of the firmware and Cura. i am unable to print the prints with PLA, but i can able to print with ABS material. I checked the nozzle its clean but still unable to print. some times the material even not extrude from the nozzle. some times its slips over the feeder grinder. While using ABS i not facing any of the issues. one time i can able to print with PLA with previous version of cura.
  10. I am also facing the same issue but i can able to print with ABS cant with PLA
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