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  1. It is not tinkering... 3 simple changes in the code, nothing go wrong with it. When there is a firmware update on the printer, then need to redo it. Bondtech give very detailed instructions.
  2. As an example, here are my setting for colorFabb metal-fill filament: Hardware: Ultimaker 3 extended + print core CC 0.6 (Bondtech feeders) Bed surface: Kapton tape Model (scaled up 150%): https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3593749 After some testing, this is the profile which I found OK for this material Cura print profile (set with 0.4 print core): Layer height: 0.15 mm Line width: 0.58 mm Infill: 25 % Printing temp: 205 Build plate temp: 50 °C Flow 100% Print speed: 40 mm/s Infill speed: 40 mm/s Travel speed: 150 mm/s Retract at layer change: yes Retraction Distance: 6.5 mm Retraction speed: 25 mm/s Cooling: 75% Post process: absolutely easy to sand and polish. This material is just beautiful. Very heavy, the prints feel robust, and it sticks to magnets.
  3. Yeah, the printer thinks it is a 0.4, but its fine as long the line settings are corrected to the 0.6 print core.
  4. I have my U3 converted to use abrasive filaments. The upgrade cost around 600 bucks. Around 200 for the feeders, and 400 for the Ultimaker printcore. The Solex print cores are cheaper, but I decide to go with the Ultimaker RED core. The feeders were replaced with Bondtech ones and I use the CC 0.6 Ultimaker printcore for abrasive materials. All works fine, there are error messages here and there, but just click OK for all. Usually with filament errors you have error message on the printer and in Cura. Click "OK" in Cura (Monitor tab), not on the printer, at least that how is works for me. Here are my sources how to: ULTIMAKER 3 + Bondtech feeders https://www.3djake.com/bondtech/extruder-ddg-kit-for-ultimaker-3 With latest firmware enable the developer mode. ● System -> Maintenance -> Diagnostics -> Developer mode Your Ultimaker 3 will reboot. Download a SSH/Telnet client like Putty (http://www.putty.org) and install it on your computer. Locate the IP number of your Ultimaker 3. The IP address is shown on the main screen of the printer on the first line as well as in System -> Network on the last line. For this example we use the following IP address: Please read the whole guide from this point at least once before changing the values on your own machine. Open Putty and enter the IP-address in the Host Name field and click on Open. The first time this Alert will pop-up and you need to click OK to accept the connection. The connection window opens up. Enter root as the username and ultimaker as the password. Type in the command matching the firmware version of your Ultimaker 3 and press enter. Firmware Version Command 3.6 vi /usr/share/griffin/griffin/machines/jedi.json 3.7 – 4.2.5 vi /usr/share/griffin/griffin/machines/um3.json Tip! If you copy the command above you can paste it directly into Putty console by pressing the right mouse-button in the window. The editor opens the configuration file. Scroll down using the arrow keys until you find “default_steps_per_mm” row and use the arrow key to move the cursor to the value for the extruder “369.0”, then press the “I” key to go into edit mode and update the value to “311.0”. Press the Escape key to go back to command mode and then enter “:x” and press enter to save the file and exit the editor. If you make a mistake you can use ctrl+z to exit without saving and start again. To change the length that the material feeds during a material change you can edit the parameter Bowden_tube_lenght, as default it is 700, if you want it to feed 30 mm more edit the value to 730.The parameter is located at row 23. We also need to change the value for the speed used when loading/unloading material. Type “vi /usr/share/griffin/griffin/printer/procedures/wizard/moveMaterialProcedure.py” and press enter. Change the speed on line 16 from 85/u to 70/u. Press the Escape key to go back to command mode and then enter “:x” to save the file. Press enter and reboot your printer. To reboot your printer type “reboot” and press enter. Wait until the printer has rebooted. Do not shut down the printer by turning off the power!! Important notes: 1. after changing the settings you can disable dev mode 2. after a firmware update, you must enable dev mode and change the settings again! 3. in vi, there is command mode and type mode. You start in command mode. Move your cursor to where you want to edit, then press “I”. change the value, then use the escape key to go back into command mode. In command mode use “:x” to save and exit. If you make a mistake you can use ctrl+z to exit without saving and start again. Source: Bontech users manual pdf ULTIMAKER 3 Printer code instruction for Printcore CC The files below can be put on a USB and printed on the UM3 and it will rename the core in the left slot. Including the BB gcode file(s): left slot. First put your UM3 to developer mode - it's in the menus on the printer. Your machine needs to be on your network (wifi or ethernet) if it isn't already. Once it's on the network it will show the IP address at the top of the main screen. Next you need ssh which is built into linux and Macintosh terminal but not windows. For windows I recommend putty: https://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/latest.html In putty you don't type the "ssh" part but just put the ultimaker@111.222.333.444 part and click "open". ssh ultimaker@ (don't enter - enter the ip address listed on your UM3) username/password: ultimaker/ultimaker (much easier than root/ultimaker as it takes you straight into the utility to do send gcode) Choose the type and size from the list below - T0 is left slot and T1 is right slot so before running any of these make sure the core you want to program is in the left slot if it will be AA and in the right slot if it will be BB After programming the core, slide it out and back into the slot at which point the UM3 will re-read the eeprom and realize its new state. The software that does X,Y,Z offset calibrations for a core goes by serial number and that can't be changed so you won't lose any calibration data when you do the changes below. AA 0.4 sendgcode M151 T0 A8 D7800000000004141 sendgcode M151 T0 A16 D20302E3400000000 CC 0.6 sendgcode M151 T0 A8 D7800000000004343 sendgcode M151 T0 A16 D20302E3600000000 BB 0.4 sendgcode M151 T1 A8 D7800000000004242 sendgcode M151 T1 A16 D20302E3400000000 AA 0.8 sendgcode M151 T0 A8 D7800000000004141 sendgcode M151 T0 A16 D20302E3800000000 BB 0.8 sendgcode M151 T1 A8 D7800000000004242 sendgcode M151 T1 A16 D20302E3800000000 AA 0.25 sendgcode M151 T0 A8 D7800000000004141 sendgcode M151 T0 A16 D20302E3235000000 Source: http://gr5.org/cores/
  5. Ok, I refine my question:) Can I use the CC core with standard PLA, ABS, CPE, NYLON materials?
  6. Is there any material what I can not use with print core 0.6 CC?
  7. Hello there, There were topics about the 0.6 print core CC and a lot of talk about how to use it with U3 (incompatible feeder). BUT, everybody just repeating the feeder issue and seems nobody tried it, at least I don't find any conversation about it. So I have an U3E, I replaced the feeders to Bondtech, which works fine. Now I have a CC print core, trying to play with the XSTRAND PA6 material. I have made the necessary modifications in the code for the Bondtech feeders, according to this: https://support.bondtech.se/Guide/01.+DDG+For+Ultimaker+2++and+3/16?lang=en And it works juts fine with normal materials and print cores. I installed the CC core and modified the gcode for the it, according to this: http://gr5.org/cores/ The printer recognize the core, however before the actual printing starts, the printer shows a message that I have to override the setting, so it used as a 0.4 core. There is no option here, only click OK. I guess it is coming from Cura, because that does not recognize 0.6 CC core, so I have to set 0.4 print core. I made a custom profile for the CC core, with 'line width' 0.58mm and so on... (copied from the S3 settings for the 0.6 CC core) So I load the XSTRAND material press "OK" for all error messages. The print starts, the material is amazing, beautiful, the print goes well, until the core has to move to an "island" location. The oozing starts like hell. I have the same result as this guy (with Ultimaker 5S): Settings for the XSTRAND PA6 material (as suggested by the material manufacture in the post above): Retract 12 MM at a sped of 40 mm/s first layer height of 0.12 mm for 0.1 mm layers Adhesion solution: Glue Stick printing speed: 40 mm/s Print temp: 240°C Regular Fan Speed: 50% Build Plate Temp: 60°C Infill Speed: 50 mm/s Initial Layer speed 20 mm/s Minimum Speed 5 mm/s Minimum Layer Time: 3 s Build Plate Adhesion: skirt So here my first print: Anybody used CC print core with U3/E? Any experience? Any suggestions?
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