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What's the highest resolution the UMO can do?

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in the line of what @xisle says... Why do you want to know? A lot of people getting into 3d printing mistake this often referred z-axis-resolution for the much more elusive concept of a " good/fine quality print"... Really, a ton of factors go into that, and my personal belief is that you really don't need anything below the 0.06 - 0.1 mm. range (0.06 mm. I find rarely gives anything, especially considering how much longer that stuff takes...)

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Well I have the default nozzle from the UMO kit and usually print at 0.1 mm   I have seen some print .06 or even .04  with Ultimaker 2's.     I wasn't sure if the .04 was possible with the UMO


Actually, Ultimaker themselves state the minimum layer height on both the UMO and the UM2 family to be 20 microns... Thats 0.02 mm.... I don't know how they arrived at that number, or why they want to try and jump on that whole wagon of stating the absolute heighest z-resolution possible... Maybe to persuade/ fool new customers... I dunno.

0.04 mm. on the UMO I HAVE heard of and seen pictures of... So it is possible, I guess with tweaks., I still think it is only relevant in the rarest of cases...


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