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Cannot edit nor add to wiki.ultimaker.com anymore?

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Whenever I try to edit something, including a new or an existing page, I get a blank page.

I wanted to document a new little plugin I wrote for Cura, and improve a little bit the howto page, no way!

Eg. http://wiki.ultimaker.com/index.php?title=CuraPlugin:tmp&action=edit

I am running Chrome Version 47.0.2526.80 (64-bit) on Linux Kubuntu 14.04.3 LTS

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Well it is not the same at all... I had no question, I just had a new plugin to make available to the "average joe" for him to download. Sure I could post it somehow in the forum (well, if I can upload python code or if I put it on my own servers -- no good in both cases).

Using github is smart... for developers. It is not user friendly unless the list gets automatically propagated to some other place. I mean, when you search for "cura plugin" on google, we should end on the appropriate place, and if it settles on github, 90% of the users that only expected an easy download will flee away screaming instead of cloning the repository ;)


It would probably be more accurate and relevant to redirect people to the Ultimaker community. In a (very) low rate it still generates some comments, but if users have any questions they are probably better off here.


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I agree an active wiki would be a good thing!

Just bought a shapeoko3, besides a good forum, running on tapatalk on my phone (love it!) they also have a wiki, which is a very structured way of delivering a wealth of info. It's very open and structured, and provides useful info, not only in the direction of there own product, but also 3th party (very usefull f.e. in case of software).

If I compare there wiki with the "support button" on ultimaker.com I prefer there wiki anytime.

not saying they are perfect...  they  have there own issues, they still need to merge the shapeoko site into the carbide3d.com site and merge the forums



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I was astounded and frustrated to see the wiki basically dead. And I believe you/we are forfitting a tremendous opportunity.

I have lost count how many times I found the link to the 3dverkstan troubleshooting page. Its not a wiki, but its close, and it is gold. If I am struggling with a problem, I can search through dozens of threads hoping to find an answer. That can be fun in itself, but it can also be frustrating because discussions get off track, and more often than not such threads end inconclusive. Have you tried an atomic pull? - Silence.

Give me a decent wiki where frequent issues are outlined in a concise manner by the community. For discussion and debate I love a forum; as a knowledge base, I really appreciate a wiki. And given the complexity (and art) of 3d printing, a good wiki would be a tremendous asset.

My 2c.

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