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Help please!! UM2 making a vibrating/resonating sound while printing....

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hello there! this is my first time using this forum. i hope that i can figure everything out with relative ease. I brought my UM2 about 2 months ago and i LOVE IT!! i have been using it moderately. i have been taking great care of it, covering it at night, oiling it and everything. it has been working great. however, the other day it started to make this vibrating/resonating sound while printing. now, ive only noticed this sound while the fans are ON. so during the initial layer lay-down while the fans are OFF it does not make this sound. so i have narrowed it down to that.

I have attached a video of the sound. you can hear it very loud after the 00:30 mark.


i tried lubing it more with the sewing machine oil on the horizontal rods without success.

i will add that i have the olsson block installed on my printer. but, it has been installed for a while and has just now started to make this sound. here are some pics of the heat sink "touching" the fan mount, but it has been that way ever since i installed the olsson block. but, i have removed the fan mount and tried to push the heat sink in further without success.



i should add that NONE of the prints are affected by this sound/vibrations. it is just loud and irritating.




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That's most likely the fans vibrating against the fan shroud or the bearings in the head making that noise. Try putting your finger lightly on the fan and see if that quiets things down. If so, you could try tightening the screws of the fan (don't go overboard, it's easy to strip the threads).

You can also try putting some light sideways pressure on the head and see if that makes it go away. If that's the case it could likely be one or both of the bearings going bad.

As for the shroud touching the back of the heater cartridge. As long as it isn't touching the metal of the cartridge or bending the wires insanely sharply (doesn't look like it), I would leave it as is. If nothing else, it helps keep the cartridge in place in case the screw for some reason looses its grip.

If you're worried about it, just bend the shroud a bit. The metal is soft so you can bend it with your fingers (watch out though as the metal there can be quite sharp).

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thank you for your reply. i have been busy with work and just now saw this. i have bent the metal down slightly and that didnt help. so i printed a new fan shroud and replaced the stock one and the sound is gone.

it was the fans vibrating the metal and creating the resonating sound that was very loud.

i had to adjust the cura setting to lower the fan speed because i had heater errors with the new shroud.

but all is well now!!

thank you!!

me next big thing is dual extrusion. i have seen some really cool ideas with the UM2 but i have ZERO knowledge of coding and Gcodes and all that.



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