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Learn from our stupid mistake

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Learn from my very stupid mistake from last night.

I have my home ultimaker on a small wooden table.

I normalls have it side ways, so that I can see it printing and also the extruder working.. or not and then adjust the thumb screw...

So i some times, take the ulticontroller off the front and place it towards me on the middle of the inside machine.

works with no problem of course.

But I did this 2 days ago and printed for a test, a massive head model from thingiverse. right to the max print height in my ultimaker.

can anyone see whats going to happen ?

last night it was still printing and my girlfriend checked that it was all ok.

she came back and said, are you sure the controller shoul stay there under the bed.

it looks alittle tight ?

had a look and there was about 5mm left between the bottom of the print bed and the top of the ulti controller.

i let it print last night until the two touched.

I now have a 27 hour print.... WOWWWW, with no mistakes, just the last 1 hour of printing is missing...

so.... as the germans would say... mistttttt.

i think ill make this mistake once.

Ian :D

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oh i did something more stupid in the early days.

I took the silly default plastic shroud off the fan and decided i'd keep it in case it was useful later.

so i put it under the bed.

standing upright.

then i printed a 9hr print which was max height and one side of the bed hit this shroud, which bent but didn't give way - the bed actually tilted by a degree or two on one side before the print was ruined. so then i panicked and pulled the power and shutdown - without making a note of where it had gotten to.

but i recovered the print. it took 2 a4 pages of math and a lot of trial and error to calculate how to resume a twisted print from an unknown stopping point. so don't give up yet - yours should be easy to fix ;)

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There was a little thing sticking out from my first layer. Thought it would be a good idea to push it down with the screw driver until the next layer keeps it in place. Pressed to hard and actually pushed down the print bed on the springs. Dont put manual pressure on your build platform!

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