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Using a .5mm nozzle telling UM2 its a .4mm?

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Posted · Using a .5mm nozzle telling UM2 its a .4mm?

Hello to all,

I am working to print out a file that requires supports for a client. I am out of .4mm nozzles and have .5mm on hand (I also have .25 nozzles but trying to avoid using these for this job).

The model in Cura has the correct supports when I input .4mm nozzle size, When I change nozzle size to .5mm the supports generated are changed and I doubt the end result will be as good. There are parts that are going to be printed in the air with the .5mm nozzle.

What will happen if I tell Cura its a .4mm nozzle when its really a .5? I may be able to get a hold of .4mm nozzles later tonight but was curious about this.

Thanks for any input


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    Posted · Using a .5mm nozzle telling UM2 its a .4mm?

    But if he do that the output will look more like a 0.5...

    Imo you can print lower size with the nozzles, specially if you set a lower speed (because of the jerk on curves). I haven't try this on cura, but on s3d I print almost all day with a different desired output of what my nozzle it's and it works great. Of from 0.5 to 0.4 it's a big gap, but doable. I would stay on 0.45 to avoid ugly circles. Also, I would lower teh acceleration and a bit of jerk.


    I print this for my shop and the letters are simulating a 0.31 and 0.36 nozzle size. I play with it to be able to print what I need, not what can be printed by default.

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