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Top edge issues

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Hey guys, im hoping you might be able to help me out with a little issue ive got.

Please excuse my ignorance when it comes to the correct terms used - im a newb and still coming to grips with this technology!

Ok, so im printing (well, trying to) a cookie cutter.

I have no trouble obtaining the shape however I cannot seem to get my edge right. Ive tried putting a chamfer on the edge but didnt have much luck with that so I tried to create an outer wall next to the inner wall but make the outer wall thicker and slightly lower then the inner wall. It all looks good on the graphic but when printing, the two edges end up being the same height, resulting in a thickess of .6mm.

The inner wall is .2mm and the outer .4mm - the idea was to have the inner slightly thinner to give a nice cut.

Ive tried adjusting the shell thickness in Cura and the bottom/top thickness but I get the same result.

Im sure this is a simple thing to rectify but I just dont know how!

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated - or any other suggestions on how to achieve my desired end result :)5a3319bfaec28_Screenshot2016-03-1512_06_57.thumb.png.868979e02d1772aaff4819b8240c8550.png


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I see you are using dsm - that's great. Now you need to look at your part in "layer view". I'm pretty sure it's not printing the last few layers because your walls are too thin. To prove it, in Cura, start by setting your nozzle to .4mm if it isn't already. Then set the shell to .3mm, .2mm, .1mm and see if at some point the wall re-appears.

Either you need to make that top wall thicker or you need to tell cura you have a smaller nozzle than it has but *also* you have to set the shell size to a multiple of the nozzle. Shell is a more powerful influence than the nozzle size but they work together and if shell isn't a multiple of nozzle size then it does really bad things.

Now if you don't have the olsson block you can still print down to about .3mm thick lines with a .4mm nozzle and it works okay (shell and nozzle=.3mm or nozzle=.3mm and shell=.6mm). Not as perfect as if the nozzle is set at .4mm but probably good enough for a cookie cutter.

I love that you are using DSM! That's my main CAD program that I use.

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Oh wow! Fantastic, thank you so much! I'll try everything you suggested and see how it goes :) Do you mind if I get back to you with the results?

I searched around for software that I was comfortable with and found DSM to be a perfect fit for me, especially considering how new I am to all this. Its very user friendly and I love that I can import pictures to trace :)

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