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Do Ultimakers fancy a game from time to time?

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Joined the steam group, though I play few games on steam, because OSX. My 360 and Wii are gathering dust too now that I have a PS4.

I'm waiting to see what The Division playerbase is going to be like; if it survives the first few months I'll probably take that up. I'm still considering picking up Destiny somewhere along the way to see what everyone's so excited about, but I'm more of a BF/CoD gamer and never really got into Halo online either. I did play the Battleborn open beta this weekend and that was a lot of fun. I figure either that or Overwatch will be my team shooter of choice when they're out.

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I've spend so many hours in the Division already, even the single player only is worth it!

Then again, I like loot grinding :) I did enjoy Rainbow six Siege, but haven't really played that since the Division :p

My main game remains World of Tanks, which is quite awesome in clan gameplay. Occasionally(when there is new singleplayer) I enjoy Starcraft and Diablo 3.

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I used to be quite the Quake fan, played a Demo Man in the Team Fortress mod, which I gather is it's own game now. Rightly so, it was a lot of fun. I have lost touch with the gaming world, though I would like to create a game.

The game would have a chat component of some sort for communications between players, a 3D printing component so you would actually print stuff to be part of the game, and of course a computing component, possibly an electronics and software involvement. So basically a team-based Maker thing of sorts.

I don't have much of a specific feel for how the game would actually materialize, just I like to do those things and I figure other people would also.

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I always thought this was a great idea!!

Never really found out of it was an actual game or just an idea to combine several chess pieces into a robot but I imagined all kind of rules where you have a duplicate of a set of pieces. One on your board and one assembled as a robot. Instead of going after the King you go after either the head of the robot or the legs, so it can't stand anymore/falls over i.e. defeated.

It would require creativity because everyone could build its own robot, who do you think are the hardest to catch, the towers? Then make them into the legs for example, and put the Queen as the head. Or something else.

But the battle would be on a chess board with the same rules/motions, except the goal would be slightly different.

I think that would be a pretty cool game!

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Hi Sander, I can see your concept as one in a series of "Maker Gamer" Competitions. You use a standard numbering system of the value of each piece (pawn=1, knight=3, bishop=3, rook=5, queen=9, king=infinity).

You assemble your pieces into one or more than one mega-piece(s). Capabilities combine like rook legs give you XY motion, bishop legs give you diagonal motion. Similarly arms give you the attack modes of the pieces employed.

You must 3D print your monstrosities prior to playing the game(s), which are a series of best 2 out of 3 or so, so that you get a bit of gameplay. Experienced gamers will have collections of combinations ready-print to employ for impromptu games. Software versions of the game exist.

It's a chess variant, Maker style!

I'll trade you that envisionment for another of my own. "Maker Wearables Game" is where you create wearable computing, sensing, and actuating hardware, share the plans to gain teamwork points, and use your built hardware and software in your life environment for game points. Beginning with simple WiFi scanners (one that I built before), moving on to internet broadcasting cameras, heartbeat monitors (of both yourself and, thru infrared, others). Night vision, and getting really fancy to motorized boots/skates, rain deployable umbrellas, who knows where it could go.

Your mission is to create new technology and share it with the hive mind. In fact, maybe that's the name of the game: Maker Hive Mind!


Make history!

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