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Experience with print-mode: "one at a time"

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Dear Ultimaker-Community,

I've repeatedly had problems with blocked printing nozzles during long-lasting print jobs which I did over the week-end. Using the "print all at once"-mode this meant, that all the parts not finished when the nozzle got blocked, were scarp.

I am thinking about trying the "one at a time"-mode not to loose all parts in case the nozzle gets blocked after some time. Has anyone had problems with this print-mode? - More specifically: Has anyone had problems with the print-head colliding with parts already printed or does the buildplate always lower correctly so that the print-head does not collide with the parts already printed? Does one have to position the parts in a certain order (back to front or vice versa)

Thanks in advance for every tip and hint! :-)



p.s.: It sounds like a ridiculous question, but I've once had the case that the glass plate was dislocated after a print job with quite a (plastic) mess on it after the print-head apparently collided with the parts already printed. I didn't manage to completely reconstruct what went wrong back then.

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Cura should fix all of this auto-magically. It should either refuse to print one at a time or give a working solution. If the head does hit a print, let us know, because that's a bug.


Thanks! - How can I send you the "Cura"-File that had the problem? To make things worse: Once it worked, twice it didn't using that file...

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and maybe check you gantry height in cura v.s. you physical gantry height, you would not be the first with an knocked-over item around 50mm high... cura has had different default heights over the years as the physical height in the UM2 also changed.

more on this;


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