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shrinkage and local warping

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Print issues:

Horizontal shrinkage on layers up to appx. 0.7 mm

Parts warp at corners; seems to increase with print time.


Colorfabb PLA/PHA, standard white


Bed temp [60C]

Layer height [1.6 mm]

Shell thickness [0.8 mm]

Bottom/Top fill [1.6 mm]

Fill Density [15%]

Print Speed [50 mm/s]

Support [brim]

Enable Retraction [on]

Enable cooling fan [on]








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The not closed brim lines show that the distance between nozzle and bed is too large at some spots. You should improve the bed levelling.

There is also a strong irregular banding. Something is partially 'blocking' the hotend; most probably a slightly deformed Teflon isolator.

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What speed are you printing the first layers? Corners seem to peel up when they get pulled by the next layer of plastic as the nozzle turns the corner, puling in a different direction. I'd try hair spray on the bed and make sure layers 1 and maybe 2 & 3 are slow enough to stick well. Like 25 mm/s

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Your bottom layer is bad. You need the nozzle closer to the glass. You want the plastic squished more.

The leveling procedure that comes built in is not so good - it wants you to level the nozzle perfect such that the first layer is printed .3mm thick with the nozzle .3mm off the glass. But you get better results if the nozzle is closer than this.

There should be no gaps in your brim - I see gaps between every pass of the brim in some spots. So just turn the 3 screws of your bed by a half turn counter clockwise to raise the glass towards the nozzle and try again. Watch the first layer carefully and adjust the corners that seem too thin or too big gaps. It takes practice to turn the knobs on the fly but if you do it on every print (just for practice and good habit) you quickly become an expert. Also after a few prints you end up with a bed that never needs leveling again.

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