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X or Y switch broken

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I recently brought an UM 2 extended. When I select to home, it moves to the left limit switch, As soon as it striked the limit switch it stops moving for a 5 seconds and the screen displays "X or Y switch broken" .

I tried exchanging the X and Y switch, no change!

Removed and again tightened all the rollers and rod's!

Bending the limit switch!

Updating the firmware!

Please help me!!! I am a beginner.


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Oh - that's strange. Why is it move so slowly to the right after it hits the switch?

Is the Y axis ever moving at all? I'm wondering if the problem is simply that your Y stepper motor isn't connected at all. When you are doing that procedure - when it is homing X and Y *both* axes should be engaged - in other words you shouldn't be able to push the head in X or Y direction. So do this experiment - with power off or when you first power up, the X and Y axes should move easily if you push them around. But when running that procedure try pushing the head towards the back. Does it move easily? If so then your Y stepper has a broken wire or isn't plugged in or something like that.

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Try doing this:

When you are homing after the z-axis homes, quickly press the x-limit switch if it stops then we probably know it is not your limit switch and one or both of your stepper motors.


Yes - that's another good thing to try - but hit the switch twice quickly (click click) because the homing procedure heads to the switch fast the first time and then moves away about 1mm and then towards it a second time and expects the switch to to "on-off-on" in quick succession.

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Obviously that's not a new printer, isn't it? Or perhaps even a good looking copy?

Just to be sure: can you make a picture of the manufacurer label (on the bottom of the printer)?

At least the fan shroud looks a bit weird. It's bended and the fans are looking bigger than the original ones.

Is it possible that the printhead just hits the left wall instead of the limit switch?

Edit: the encoder knob is suspicious too and it's missing the "Extended" label on the back of the buildplate.

To be honest: i think it's not an Ultimaker at all... where did you get it from ? You should ask your reseller for help!

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Yeah, I didn't want to say anything but it looks like a copy to me as well. Different menu button. Missing label around the SDcard slot. Missing "Extended" on the z-cap. Labels on the model cooling fans that I've never seen before. "Extended" text looks too fat. Missing ferrite cores.

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toms_tk has been silent, lol and yet people still post here.  Toms - it's okay if you don't own an UM.  You can still post stuff to the forums.


Oh, sure- @toms_tk - don't wanted to banish you... don't worry.

It's just a bit harder to give you hints, because no one knows which parts are assembled inside of this beautiful piece of art... :)

I assume that you'll notice additional issues soon. Just ask - George will do it's best!


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