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Flexi fill filament by formfutura

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I have purchased both a black and white flexifill filament from formfutura and on initial printing I get a good lay down on the base it does however start releasing after only a few minutes, I have resolved this by using a very thin double-sided tape to get it to stick to the glass bed.

My problem however is that the stepper motor that feeds the filament to the printhead becomes jammed as it is so flexible so for the first 5 minutes you get an awesome print and then the filament starts zigzagging in the tube and can't get to the print head. is there any advise you could give me as I have a big part i would like to print but am wasting more filament than anything else. Please can someone suggest a solution to this problem.

Thanking you in advance


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you do not say what your machines is so answers will have to make assumptions !

My UM2 did work better with flexfill with a small amount of thin oil in the Boden tube, but it is now significantly faster and better with the upgrade to using the Bondtec extruder feeder (I also have an Olsson block installed).

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No need to take the bowden off.  Just pull out some filament, apply one drop light oil (any petroleum oil is fine and will not affect the final print).  Then re-insert.  Keep applying one drop oil for every meter of filament.

Also using a larger nozzle (like I did below) while not necessary can really speed things up.

Also you might have to print slow and hot.  I usually print 10mm/sec and 240C for flex (below print was faster as it was large nozzle).  This part is flex:



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