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UM3 Menuing


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I have a UM3+ that I am just getting to know. As such, I end up making more menuing mistakes than I should. Unfortunately there are many things on the menu where there is no "Return" option that cause things to happen that I didn't intend and that take a lot of time, like "Unload". I think all menus should have a return option to prevent wasted time due to undesired choices. I know that this will be less of a problem as I learn but for now it is an annoyance.

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    I've had menu problems as well. Another thing is that there's only a few options for the materials when using non tagged spools so I have to choose one close to the one I'm using then change it manually in cura. This is more of a problem when I'm changing filament to a higher temp one than the ones in the menu

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    I totally agree with this, seems like I waste a lot more time on the UM3 than I do on my UM2. A lot of this has to do with the print cores. They are heating up/cooling down all the time and it takes forever. I noticed I can't even abort a print and restart it without waiting a couple minutes. All that time adds up, but honestly I think it's probably so that people who don't know what they are doing will have less of a time troubleshooting the machine.

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    I understand the need for the "cancel" button in the first step of change material (and a few other actions) as well as a "no delay" early abort of the print.

    Both are features in our issue list already. But currently not scheduled for the next update.

    The abort on change material shouldn't be hard, and I might move to the next update, just need to double check a few things.

    The one on the print is more complex at the moment, as we try to keep the printer in a consistent state. And then we would get into a bit of complexity where we can decide to skip the "end of a print" part if we are before a certain point in starting a print.

    The "The UM2 is faster, and UM3 slower". I need more specifics, exactly which part is slow?

    With the 3.5 firmware release we did our best to streamline most things without sacrificing certain certainties that the UM3 provides. But we can always improve this more.

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    seems like I waste a lot more time on the UM3 than I do on my UM2.


    It also depends a lot on how you use the UM3, I don't use the auto bed leveling, and I change cores and material manually...... like this it's pretty much just as fast as the UM2......

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