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TPU 95A in the UM3

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When, or or perhaps Will TPU 95A material be added to the materials approved for the UM3? It currently shows as only being compatible with the UM2+, but logically I would think that UM would develop all new hardware to be backward compatible with all previously introduced UM materials. Has anyone tried printing in a UM3 with it? Has anyone tried it in combination with PVA supports?



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I've printed with it together with PVA and it worked fine. However, the shape I was supporting was quite basic, a dome shape, so YMMV.

I'm sure it will be added eventually but the nature of the UM3 "eco system" means a ton of testing goes into a material before it gets officially added.

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Hardware wise TPU works fine in the Ultimaker 3. We are working on our Cura profiles for this material. So you could already use it in an Ultimaker 3, but you are a bit on your own on finding the proper settings.

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The settings are relatively the same as what is posted on the website.


I'm using it a lot.

I made a profile for it in Cura Beta version. But don't forget to override the settings of your printer when your sending it through the network. (it always asks me about this).

Another problem is that because it's a custom setting in Cura, you lose all the print profiles (fast/draft/normal/hi). So you have to setup your print through the custom settings.

I do just load the Ultimaker ABS settings sometimes (not recommended) and it did print with that without any problems, but the temperature of the core for ABS is 5 degress higher than the recommended, and the bed temperature is also higher, and moset likely the retraction settings are different aswell.

The only real problem i have had with this filament type is that i wished that the UM3 had a direct drive extruder, or atleast an upgrade. the filament is flexible and i've had it once get stuck in the bowden tube.

If there is an upgrade for the printer, then it would make a great printer even better.

Hope this info helps

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