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UM2 Feeder Skipping BIG TIME


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Posted · UM2 Feeder Skipping BIG TIME


I bought my Ultimaker 2 from fbrc8 as a refurbish. One thing that has been driving me insane is the feeder. It keeps skipping on the first layer only. I have leveled the bed about 10 times, but it either is too far for prints to stick or the feeder will skip. I raised the nozzle temp to 220c and helped for a while, but it's now skipping again and is driving me insane. The prints are coming out good, but it's hard to get a good first layer. I'm wanting to get an e3D Titan extruder but don't have $50 at the moment.

What can I do to make my feeder stop skipping? This is ruining my prints and wasting filament.



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    Posted (edited) · UM2 Feeder Skipping BIG TIME

    Best thing is to get a better feeder as you mentioned. You can also get the um2+ feeder from any um reseller.

    If you're out of cash now print a better feeder like Roberts feeder or one of its derivatives.

    Print slower or hotter for now.

    It may also be that the first layer height is relative high. Try lowering from f.e. 0.3 to 0.2 so the feeder has less to output.

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    Posted (edited) · UM2 Feeder Skipping BIG TIME

    Hi Avery,

    Make sure your initial layer is set to 0.1, you can even set it 0.08.. This will reduce the first layer pressure and may help.

    Still using my printer with the original feeder unit, but using a belt reduction gear (1:2) and a "200 step" (1.8 deg) stepper motor. I've also mirrored the feeder unit.

    I've never had any feeding issue with this setup.



    Edit: You can also try to increase the feeder current, should be about 1250 mA.

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    Posted · UM2 Feeder Skipping BIG TIME

    Well you can double the feeder pressure with the meduza feeder and you can print most of it. The few, inexpensive parts you need you can get cheaper if you just buy the kit from my store for $19: http://thegr5store.com

    However I was always happy with my UM2 with no modifications at all. To get it to stop "skipping" you have to print hotter or slower or increase the bottom layer gap (just turn the 3 screws a bit so glass is lower/farther from the nozzle). No need to run the bed calibration - just turn all 3 screws the same amount.

    Or again - just raise bottom layer temp to 230C and slow it down to 20mm/sec bottom layer speed (the default I think). Or do all 3 of these things.

    Also your .4mm nozzle may be .35mm due to gunk in there. The newer curas (version 2.X) have default line width of I think .37mm. This also reduces the pressure in the nozzle and reduces feeder skipping.

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