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Settings keep changing in CURA 2.1

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HI just curious but does anyone have the issue that their saved settings keep changing randomly. Its very annoying, and never happened on the old cure. I just noticed now 3 hours into a print that my fans aren't turning, and checked my cure and low and behold it turned the fans off for some magical reason. Its not the first time either sometimes it decides the nozzle is .35 and divides everything by .35 even if i enter .4 but other times its at .4. The only reason I'm using the newer cure is because i can control the amount of bottom layers to maybe save time but the settings issue is really annoying me.

Even if I save a setting when I restart cura it changes it to whatever it feels like after I boot it up again. SO damn annoying. Anyway, thats my rant over. Damn settings. So stupid.

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Any eta, on that 2.4 version, I can't bare this stupid settings nonsense much longer!!!

One thing i did notice was that if i printed the first layer at the same speed as the rest, rather than slower, I get zero warping around the edges regardless of the glue used! I've learnt something new! lol.

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Hi i was just wandering if there was a setting for initial layer height, as i use bottom layers at 2 to save time, but it affects ALL bottom layers, not just the ones touching the base which are the ones i want to be affected?

is this in 2.4 by any chance, i see initial speed and jerk and stuff, but not layer height?

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