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Ultimaker 3 support materials

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There are multiple different Support materials by different manufacturers (E3D, polymaker). Some dissolve and some just peel off the print.

For ABS there is HIPS which you can dissolve in limonene.

You can use any of these but Ultimaker only provide print profiles for their own materials.

This means you will have to play around to get the best printing results although the material manufacturers normally give you some setting to get you started.

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Just as an aside the BB printcore is more suitable for difficult materials in terms of experimentation then the AA core. Though the BB core will have more of an oozing issue.

PLA is not recommend with the BB core but it is allowed, while PVA is blocked from being used in the AA core as it will destroy the print-core.

so I would experiment with the BB core.

The difference is small though (in implementation, not result in that there is a wold of difference)

And remember you can always break a printcore if you experiment with it.

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I just ordered a spool of Airwolf HydroFill, which is water soluble, has a higher temp melting point and claims to work perfectly with ABS.  Will report back once I give it a go.

Curious to see how this goes. I've also heard some people experimented with ABS with HIPS supports, but I got any feedback on how that worked out.

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