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MAZ Cura Plugin 2.0 (for Cura 2.3.1)

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0. Features

- Displays the current printing layer number on the LCD screen

- Partial 3D printing is possible by setting start and end layers

- Adjust the thickness of supporter

- Change the speed, temperature, etc. using 10 layer parameters.

- This does not support "one at a time" mode.

1. Copy this plugin to

c:\Program Files\Cura 2.3\plugins\PostProcessingPlugin\scripts\MAZCuraPlugin20.py

2. Modify Start/End Gcode :

Without this modification, the plugin will not work!!!

This will protect your Start/End Gcode.

- Add this to end line of Start Gcode


:M117 Printing...M117 BEGIN:MAZ-Cura-Plugin


- Add this to start line of End Gcode


M117 END:MAZ-Cura-PluginM104 S0 ....:



3. Modify Cura setting for input alphabet..

c:\Program Files\Cura 2.3\resources\qml\Settings\SettingTextField.qml

    about line 100...



maximumLength: 10;validator: RegExpValidator { regExp: (definition.type == "int") ? /^-?[0-9]{0,10}/ : /^-?[0-9.,]{0,10}/ } 




maximumLength: 32;validator: RegExpValidator { regExp: (definition.type == "int") ? /^-?[0-9]{0,10}/ : /^[A-Z0-9.,\:]{0,32}/ }




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The M117 change in machine settings I assume is for non ultimaker printers only.

But why do we have to change maximumLength from 10 to 32? That's not good because then the next cura update will delete that. Is that because the M117 line is so long? Can't you make the M117 flag shorter please? The MAZ plugin should search for "printing..." anyway to know when to start.

Also will MAX plugin work if you print 2 objects in "one at a time" mode where the Z height goes back to 0.3mm when one print finishes and before the second one starts?

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M117 BEGIN: ....

M117 END: ...

This is not included in the actual Gcode.

It is only a flag to protect Start / End Gcode internally in the plugin.

I originally used it as a comment.

In this version, cura ignored the last comment in Start Gcode, so I used M117 as a flag.

Increasing the input field to 32 is for inserting the layer parameters.

This does not support "one at a time" mode.

I will add it to the plugin description. Thank you

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