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Carbon Fibre with PVA on UM3

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Has anyone tried printing a Carbon Fibre material with PVA support on the UM3? Obviously with an upgraded block to allow for a steel nozzle - 3DSolex or something similar.

We have had a test print done with the UM Nylon and PVA on an UM3, but after dissolving the PVA the Nylon is far to flexible for our needs.

Any help or advice welcome.



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I am printing my first Polycarbonate prints and experimenting with PVA supports and such.

Ain't no flex in Polycarbonate as far as I can tell. I will be posting a G-Code, Project file and models once I am satisfied with the results.

Will that suffice? It will not damage your nozzle. Carbon Fiber can wear out a brass nozzle quickly from what I understand. Saving the sheckles for the cool new print cores that are now coming out to do Carbon Fiber and other brass killing filaments meself.

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I don't have firsthand experience with the carbon fiber but I thought I'd share an interesting youtube video by Thomas Sanladerer where he tests baking Carbon Fiber HTPLA per the manufacturer recommendation and also regular old PLA. The baking increased the strength significantly in both cases. It's interesting to watch it nothing else. good luck on your search

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