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Ultimaker 2 Upgrade Kit vs E3D v6 Hotend & Titan Extruder

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OH SORRY! This got lost among over 10,000 spams. The forum gets a lot lately.

I'm very cheap so I would print the iroberti feeder and add the medusa upgrade. If you already have the olsson block then I wouldn't upgrade that end. If not then I would definitely get the olsson block or the block v3. Stay away from all metal hot ends. They don't do well with PLA.

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I wouldn't bother with the e3d upgrade. Certainly not worth the money

We've got 1 one of these on 1 of our ultimakers. Whilst the hotend is fine, everything else isn't. Quite a poor design actually. The push connectors are very hard to remove. Very hard to remove wires through a tiny gap. The thermistor wire is too small. The fan for cooling the filament is a bit of a pain.

Changing material is a bit of a pain with the speed.

All in all.... poor

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