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Ultimaker3, single extrusion, door, nozzle size.

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I am about to buy an ultimaker3 but a few things hold me back considering the UM2+ might be a better choice.

I hope ppl here could clear my mind about that.

While double extrusion is a cool feature, does it allow me print with just only one material and all the while keep the other spool empty?

Will the machine stop me from printing if it detects only 1 spool is installed? I might hv mostly printed with one extrusion and I dun like hanging the other spool on the machine (so i only install them when i needed it).

I cannot connect the camera over the internet right? but only local network?will it be possible in future?

When is the door kit coming? any time soon? I so want one and I dont want to DIY one...

I so want to print with .25 nozzle soon, please, is it coming any time soon?

Okay if i use a third party core like 3D solex's, so the 2 cores are now 1 from solex and 1 from ultimaker original, does it still work on auto leveling?

Basically I am good with a 2+, but would very much like to go for a 3, if it promises better performances.

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For most of my prints, I only use one core ( but the second needs to be installed i think) the printer doesn't care what is in the spool holder.

When you send a print from cura it will ask you if you are sure with your settings and tell you if you are sending different settings from the ones that are loaded , you can then change your settings or continue any way.

For now you cannot stream thru internet the camera feed , but I guess with some computer magic it must be possible.

For the door, there is a lot of designs to make one, and you should not make your decision over that.

From what I know, the auto leveling does not concern the type of core you have.

And finally , it seems we are not too far away from the releases for the new cores.

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Yes, you can print with one material and it won't fault if only one is installed. You must have 2 cores installed though but it doesn't matter as it just sits there.

I currently have my printer at home while I am at work, printing with one spool of material loaded and printing with just one core.

I can also view the camera via a VPN. there is a very good easy to follow tutorial Here on how to set one up so you can remotely view you UM3.

Will UM release a front door? I am pretty sure they will. They made one for the UM2+ so you can print with some of there harder to print materials so I am sure one will follow soon.

If you notice that CURA now shows 0.8mm Nozzles and there has been a mention by someone from UM on the forum that it will come SOON. (up to you to decide how far away soon is, 6months? 2 days? I dunno)

I don't know about other sizes and if they will ever make a 0.25mm one. Let's hope so.

Yes, you can use 3Dsolex cores and UM cores together and yes they work with auto leveling.

Some people advise against auto leveling but I always use it and it's been great.

My advice is if you want an easy to use printer, can afford it and are not deterred by the price then get the UM3 despite having to wait a bit for some extras.

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I totally agree with the door issue (see my post from Jan 2017). I didn't buy because of the missing doors. I also wanted it designed by Ultimaker to assure printer head clearance, to assure the enclosure does not overheat the motors and to assure it does not void warrantees. I'm not looking for another hobby. I am looking for a turnkey tool for my shop. No 3rd party add-ons; no cardboard boxes.

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To respond to the original question....

Labern has answered a lot of your questions.

The UM2+ only has the one nozzle, unless you do the aftermarket modifications.  If you like to tinker, you can make it work.  If you prefer to simply unbox and print, then the UM3 would be the better choice for dual materials.

Having had the UM3 for 6 weeks, I can tell you I was really impressed with PVA support.  Active Leveling was a real convenience, too.  I don't think I would print in different colors very often but I do print complicated shapes a lot.  I really miss having the UM3 as I am now back to the agony of removing, snipping and cutting off support from my prints.  

(Dropping the print in a tank of water for 6-8 hours was much more fun!)

I made a

if you care to check that out   :) Edited by Guest

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