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Software and firmware questions about UM3

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For a professional project I need to have specific NFC features on a 3D printer system.

After a google search I found the UM3 with most of my requirements.

I still have some questions to declare this environment as the golden one !

I'm interested to implement new features with NFC 3rd party tag, and want to know, if I will can implement specifics commands in ISOB protocol at firmware level and also if I can add some menu under Cura ?

If yes could you tell me the source code language C, C++ arduino or other.

In each case I will not develop by myself but I will ask it to our software team.

Thanks for your replies

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The UM3 is all open source. You can have one of your developers download the source and look through it.

It's very unclear what you want to do however. If you want to just want to tag filaments you can create your own NFC tags with your own materials - each material has it's own GUID so you can make your own GUID for your own filament and you can easily add menus in cura that read that and load the proper profile.

Loading the proper profile is pretty easy - I recommend you install cura and look at the existing profiles for PLA and ABS, etc. They default in the cura folder but you can also put your own profiles into appdata cura folder and cura reads there also.

So far... zero programming - just create profiles which are basically lists. I suppose they are javascript? But it's like "nozzle_temp=220". Something like that. Very simple. Not really programming.

But if you want NFC to access something completely different then you will need to write custom code. All the code that deals with NFC is in python and is on the printer itself. There is a linux computer on the UM3 and you can ssh into it and see all the python code and edit it or whatever.

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Thanks gr5 for your reply.

Goal of our studie is to identify filament and to make a web request to offer services to our customer like discount or others (not defined yet)

I will check with software developper to validate faisability.

Don't hesitate to reply if you have some suggestions or recommendations.

Best regards

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Thanks daid and Marco.

Our system is based on ISO14443B protocol with specific command ! it's why we quite sure we will need to develop on printer level to implement it.

I read PN532 datasheet and that seems to confirm ISOB availability on hardware level.

Our software developper will have a little bit more to do but technicaly everything seems possible !

I already found some forum to read concerning this subject !


Thanks again

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The firmware is available upon request. I have a copy somewhere. There are 2 firmwares: Marlin which runs on the white board inside the UM3 - that's on a arduino processor and most of Marlin is in github but I think the um3 version isn't on github right now. But I have it in a zip file somewhere and it's posted somewhere on this forum I think. Daid posted it so look at posts by Daid. Or just ask in a new topic. Explain your project also but make the title of the topic UM3 Firmware and I'll add a link to daid in it so he sees the post.

The python code is all sitting on the UM3 easy to access if you own a UM3. I have that also in a zip file somewhere. Or again ask and some UM employee will probably post the current version.

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Hi @Ngassend, thank you for your posts.

Could you elaborate on where you found that the firmware is not available due to a patent process?

It is true that we have filed for some patents as part of our defensive patent strategy, but this has, as far as I know, nothing to do with firmware.

We will share our files for the Ultimaker 3 12 months after release, so October 18th. But this concerns hardware. GR5 also had some good ideas. Looking forward hearing from you!

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Hi SandervG

We concluded that from your post "Ultimaker files its first patent", because you spoke about source code availability in the "next step" chapter.

I understood that we can do a lot of things when we already have the printer. But for a professionnal project, I need to do a feasabilities study before to obtain a green light for the budget.


Could you help me and tell me where I can download it, or do you prefer that I post a new subject with my request.

Thank you, and my apologies for my english (I'm french)

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Ok we didn't spoke about the same source.

I spoke about firmware source.

If full source code is not available yet, the most important points are :

- The content of the griffin.nfc.service

- The python source code call by the service : griffin.nfc.service

- The library used by the python code to communicate with PN532 over I2C

Thanks for your support

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