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Can two different versions of Cura reside on one computer?

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short answer; yes.

The old cura (15.xx and before) had no problem with it, you could have many version at the same time. For "new" cura it was not possible for a long time (at least not without trickery) but since Cura 2.6 a new install gets it's own folder structure again, so you can keep an older version next to it again.

I only use windows... no idea of issues on other OS's

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Noticed that too, but my thought was that this behavior is probably intended as it's just a minor release (x.x.1), hoping this will not happen at 2.7 2.8 etc... but you are probably right that it should not ever happen period...

I wonder if this is the cause for me ending up with my custom GO being installed 3x after the upgrade.

Also noticed the question that asked if you want to override the old version did specifically mention the 15.xx versions, but 2.6 was just mentioned as "cura" pretty confusing.

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Thanks all for your input. Much appreciated.

I should have mentioned....I do have Cura 15.04.6. It's pretty simple and works, but not many "extras" that could enhance the outcome (support structure, platform options, etc.).

So, I can go ahead and install the latest (Cura 2.6.1) on my hard drive and expect the two to work independently. My concern is .ini settings overriding each other.

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Hi DDDmaker,

my assumption is you use Windows.

I'll answer the initial question concerning my experience on Linux (for the sake of completeness): If you use the appimages of Cura (standalone executable program) it is possible to use different versions without any problems (never tried it starting both versions at the same time - would make no sense but i can imagine it works too), the existing configurations are used. These appimages are available since v2.4.

Didn't try to install two different versions with the .deb-files, but i claim it is possible to install one of the deb-versions (up to 2.3.1) AND use a version of the appimage.

An additional possibility is dual boot Win and Linux *gg*

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Cura puts all your profiles outside the app image. Since 2.6, we put them in a version based folder. In the older versions, we actually upgraded files from one version to another. So if you started 2.3, then 2.5 and then 2.3 again, your profiles would be "gone" according to 2.3.

2.6 does the following; It creates a 2.6 folder, copies all the old data into it and upgrades that. So if you would then go back to 2.5, you would still have your profiles. However, if you then make changes in 2.5 and switch back to 2.6 again, they are still missing.

This behavior is the same for all operating systems.

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