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Hi there community,

I'm looking for an upgrade for my UM2 but I'm not too familiar with those news facts and releses on the last year. My printer is running as it comes, I never upgrade or replace nothing by now, only keeping maintenance. Ultimaker reseller here is super overpriced and don't have much things. I'm thinking to bring these upgrade at the end of this month (july/2017), when my sister will be in London for a short trip.

I just wanna know if there is on the market some good alternative to upgrade to avoid underextrusions for the entire life and for multiple nozzles propose. Actually I wanna print some abrasive filaments that I still have in stock but I'm really worry about use it for long prints, such as Nylon (Talmann Bridge), Bronzefill and I'm thinking to try Stellfill too and also be prepared for other filaments for mechanical propose and TPU as a plus.

By the way, some stuffs of my wishlist:

- TFM coupler

- Temperature sensor

- “Some slippery” Bowden tube. PTFE is really the best choice?

- Heater 35W or 40W?

- Should I buy steel coupler v2?

- Metal nozzle for abrasive ( 0.4, 0.6, 0.8 ) Which one is reliable and easier to print? Bigger then 0.4 to print easier metal filaments?

- Fast nozzles (0.4, 0.6, 0.8 and 1mm). Race, Jet any other?

For heated head/block and feeder/extruder alternative I have to many things to clarify:

- Matchless v3, nano or Olsson Block?

- Extruder/feeder: Bendtech, Titan or UM2+?

By the way my Runtime status is:

on for: 764:13

Printing: 309:42 Mat: 165m

1/3 for personal projects and 2/3 business stuffs, growing day by day recently.

Sorry about to much questions, any suggestion about spare parts and kits dealers near London (not restricted to the UK) will be welcome! I would like to have time to seach it properly but I need to buy it soon to deliverer on time. Cheers and many thanks!

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So many questions, sorry about that.

Looking for the price at those stuffs, and keeping in mind that I will buy more printers soon, I probably will choose Matchless v3 as a heater block.

- PTFE Bowden tube;

- TFM;

- 40W heater (to be prepared for new materials and bigger nozzles);

- Temp sensor - I'm afraid to break it...

those above are my priorities by the way... but I think that purchasing only those itens I'm far to avoid underextrusion and clogging issues.

Titan extruder is trustfull? I mean, it will avoid feeder clicking problems and retraction issues? Or there is some other think to know about... I think BondTech should be the best solution but it's 3 times more expensive than Titan!

Later I will check some nozzle possibilities. Cheers!

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I lost my freight because the sellers from UK were slow to respond to my emails, so I have more time to think about this upgrade, the dowside is that it will cost much more for me :(shipping will add 80 euros to the cost

When looking for things in the forum I found ZGE - Zero Gravity Extruder - upgrade from Gudo and Neotko, I will definitely try it.

For those interested, follow this thread

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from UK
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When looking for things in the forum I found ZGE - Zero Gravity Extruder - upgrade from Gudo and Neotko, I will definitely try it.

That is the best extruder you can mount on your UMO+/UM2 today :)

It is by far the best upgrade I have made to my UMO+ after I switched to an UM2 printhead.

The design and instructions by @gudo and @neotko are top-notch...and the @Bondtech gears...OMG...the ZGE will happily feed whatever filament you throw at it...and for Ninjaflex type flexibles...you can pretty much print it at the same speed as you would print with regular filament on a stock Ultimaker.

It will take some effort to print one though. But if you follow the instructions carefully you will have a best-in-class extruder :)

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