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Poor Print Quality with UM 0.8mm Core and ABS.

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I ran a couple prints last week with the new 0.8mm core and UM ABS and was not very happy with the print quality. It left large amounts of excess material at most stop/start positions, a bunch of stringing, and in some areas poor layer adhesion.

I ran the builds with the default profile for 0.8mm cores.

Now it strikes me as odd that the one and only option for default UM profiles has a layer thickness of 0.2mm. I would think that if that layer thickness is achievable with the 0.4mm core then the 0.8mm core should print layers at least double that. And when I observed the layers it looked as though each line was frayed at the edges as it was deposited due to not having enough room to extrude causing a squishing and curling of excess filament out to the sides.

Does anyone have some better settings to try out with the 0.8mm core and specifically the combo of that core and ABS filament?

Also I have not yet tried printing with the 0.8mm core and PLA so I'm not sure if these problems would persist across materials or not.

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Hi Rossboss,

Sad to hear you don't have good results... I would try printing it at 0.3mm or 0.4mm layer height if you have issues with curling edges on overhangs. We do have profiles for those layer heights; these profiles show up if you set both printcores in Cura to 0.8mm printcores (so for the unused extruder as well).

Printtime will decrease a lot as well :).

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ABS seems to print fine with the 0.4mm core. However even with the larger layer thickness (0.4mm) ABS still prints very poorly. PLA Seems to print just fine with the same setup though.

I noticed when I was switching filaments the ABS was bubbling heavily as it was freely extruded from the print head. @Tomhe Could this be the root of my poor prints with ABS? Should I bake the ABS prior to printing with it?

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I have a similar problem

I just could not got my UM2 Extended with Ollson block upgrade to print proper using the 0.4 nozzle. I used now the 0.6 nozzle with ABS

Top Layers 4

Bottom Layers 3

Sides 2

Bed Temp 100

Nozzle temp 230

Print speed outline 65

Print speen infill 70

I increased the material flow to 110%, no improvements

I inclreased the temp to 250 - no improvement

I reduced the speed to 90%

I reduced the temp to 220

Note of these resulted in any ideal improvements, in fact reducing the temp given even worse effect.

seems the filament is just not giving the glossy smooth texture. but I tried other ABS and having the same problem.

I thought of even replacing the print head to E3D, but do not want to spend money if I do not know what the real problem is. I am nou guessing.

I also have a Creality CR10 s5, and the fist print was perfect.

I am using Simplify 3D. With Cura I got the same texture.


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