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unknown problem...

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I need your help guys!

The Ultimaker 3 extended seems to have a problem and I don't know what it is.

The printer seems to clog/underextrude but once I start an other print it starts printing fine again.

I cleaneed the hot-end a couple of times (hot and cold pulling), the feeder had the correct pressure, the bowden tube is clean, tried an other hot-end, checked the thermometer via the maintenance menu, the z-distance is correct and I'm running out of options of what is wrong....

I tested PLA and nylon and both have the same problem. (both from ultimaker)

The print settings are the recomended for the materials (so stock)


Thanks in advance!


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Hi @Sjorsvanos, thank you for your post. Could you explain what you do after a failed print? Is there a clear pattern that after a failed print the next one is always a success? Is it always 1 fail 1 success 1 fail 1 success etc?

Do you know why your first print fails? Is your feeder grinding your filament? Is your nozzle clogged? Is filament getting stuck in your print core, but somewhere in the middle?

Perhaps a good thing to check; is your front fan running? Check if there are any plastic strings preventing the blades from rotating, and if the cables are still inserted and not pinched anywhere.

Looking forward hearing from you!

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Hi Sander, thanks for the reply.

Normally I clean the nozzle but most of the times 9/10 it isn't clogged...

the pattern seems to be random.

It seems to be underextruding, when I set the material flow higher it doesnt help anything, the problem is the same... underextruding.

The feeder isn't grinding up the material, the pressure is fine, just like the example on the site.

The front and side fans are runing, after cleaning they sound normal but the problem remains.

Kind regards,


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I think your problem description could be caused by bad cooling of the cold end. You say the front fan is running, but could airflow be somehow obstructed? Maybe there are hairy strings of filament wound around the axis of the fan, causing a drop in rpm?

If you open up the temperature webpage of the printer


you can see a temperature graph of the hotend. Is temperature stable?

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Hi @Sjorsvanos, can you include some photo's of your temperature reading, and a photo from your feeder and the tension on which it is set?

You can do so by posting a link if you upload it to imgur, or create your own album on our site by clicking your username in the top right corner, go to albums, and upload your photo there.

In this text editor, you can click 'image gallery' and select a photo from your album.


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