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Print these torture tests with your fine tuned UM and take a picture

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If you've got a fine tuned UM please print these torture tests by Makerbot and Make magazine (in PLA from Ultimaking) so I can compare with my results and see what I can expect from my own printer. (if possible in grey/silver because colours affect the perception of shapes)


I'm giving you the gcodes instead of the stl so that comparison will be more accurate.


Once done take a picture of the prints from above (similar to the one below) and post it in this thread. Thx in advance.

torture tests before & after belts tightening DSCF1171


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I can't print as my machine is currently in little pieces but I can say that just grabbing a gcode-file and running it is unlikely to work all that well. Say they used 2.80mm filament and whoever wants to give it a go has 2.95mm filament it will not work. Also, a fine tuned machine isn't all about the mechanical side of things, tweaking settings in software plays a huge part as well.


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