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Changing the hot end assembly

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My hot end jammed, and I didn't feel like messing too much with it while it was on the machine, so I ordered a new set of parts for the hot end.

BUT when I tried putting the heating element into the new aluminum block, it only went half way and then it got stuck there, now I can't take it out or put it further in.

What would be the best way to lubricate the hole/heating element and remove/push further that part?



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I just finished replacing my hotend last night. I couldn't get my thermocouple or heater out of the old block while cold, when hot they both slid out of there easily. So, maybe try heating it up (with the heater halfway in it'll still heat up) and try again.


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Tighten two M6 nuts onto the thread. To form a locknut.

Then put a soldering iron tip against the aluminium block, and heat it up.

Grip the "locknut" assembly and screw out the brass piece.

To do this you really need a small vice to hold the thing in the jaws. Hold the thing at an angle on the

corners or the heat from the iron will just go straight into the vice.

Once you suceed, apply copper grease to the threads before re-assembly. This will prevent it

sticking again, although the grease will smell for a few hours of printing as it burns off, leaving

just the copper particles in the gap.



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