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PVA will not print properly

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I bought my Ultimaker3 a couple of months ago and while it is excellent in printing PLA, I am unable to get the PVA from extruding properly.  I have loaded and unloaded the PVA, stored it in an airtight bag while not using it, cleaned out the BB print core, but get the same result each time.  I can only speculate, but it seems to me that there is a problem with the feeder - too little pressure.  Can anyone suggest what might be wrong and perhaps advise on a resolution?


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Changing the feeder pressure is never the right answer with the standard Ultimaker materials. How's your ambient conditions? PVA should be printed in an ambient of <28degC and <55%RH.

Next to Kristel's advice to clean the BB core, just to be sure, you may want to dry your PVA. You can do that in an household oven (but be sure it does not get too hot, use a meat thermometer to be sure), or put the spool on a hot build plate for a few hours. I'm not sure about temperatures and drying times, search the forum for that.

Or try a new spool of course, but I do realise those are costly.

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