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Cura won't generate infill or top layer

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Hello, I'm new to the forum and relatively new to 3D printing.  I've been prototyping some tools and parts for my company, and came across a problem to which I couldn't find an answer through google or this forum's search:


I have an STL generated in solidworks that I've placed into Cura version 3.1 (mostly awesome program BTW), and it refuses to generate the top layer or any infill within the part unless the infill is set to 100%.  It will not even generate support inside the part.  I'm thinking that there is something wrong with the STL, but I am not skilled in investigating model problems.


The "Solid View" shows the top surface just fine, but switching to the "Layer View" reveals the problem.


I've tried:


-Re-modeling the SLDPRT file completely, saving as an stl, then re-importing it into Cura.

-Increasing and decreasing both the wall and top/bottom thickness.

-Enabling and disabling generation of support

-Changing infill percentage from 1 to 99%, but the only time the top surface generates is with this at 100% as I said.


Please help?  If I need to upload more photos or files please let me know.

Stuffing Tool.STL

Layer view troubleshooting.JPG

Solid view troubleshooting.JPG

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I see you have infill at 99% yet it's hollow inside.


Is it important to be hollow inside?  Basically you gave the walls a thickness.  Which I hope is what you want.  Probably what you want.  But maybe you didn't also give the ceiling a thickness?


Look at the part in xray view as well.  If you see any red then that's the problem right there.  Or if the ceiling is thinner than .1mm (your layer height) then that would explain the problem.


If you see red then you can fix the model in cad - it has either not enough walls or too many walls.  or that top wall is infinitely thin (and it plans to print it infinitely thin, lol).


Or you could try fixing the model with a free service.  But it sounds like you know CAD so maybe fix it in your cad software.

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