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Prints off center after e3D titan upgrade

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Hi community,


I've upgraded my UM2's extruder and hot end to the e3D titan kit.


For some reason my prints are showing up centralized in Cura (15.04.6) but on the print bed they are off to the right and for one print all the models were yellow in Cura but then during the print I got an error message that the printer tried to print outside of the print area.


Any tips for what might be the cause of this?



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I checked the web page and UM says UM2 dimensions are 223X223.  That's not necessarily the official default in cura though.


Is your extruder physically more to the right than the original feeder was?  The feeder is normally slightly to the left - maybe 1cm?


I guess I'm wondering how much to the right your print was located.

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Well the head itself can move to the left until it hits the switch and clicks and no farther.  And it can move all the way to the right until it stops moving.  You can push the head around yourself.  mentally mark where the extruder is at those extremes - is it over the glass at both extremes or does it go beyond the edge?  If it doesn't go beyond the edge of the glass then no worries - just let it print a bit to the right and put the dimensions of the printer back to the way they were.


The glass is bigger than the "print area" as you will see.  On the um2go the glass is a bit smaller than the print area on the left side and you can print past the left edge of the glass if things aren't calibrated correctly.

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On 2/13/2018 at 10:18 PM, leonardo-aguiar said:

Hi gr5,


Now that you mentioned it, I noticed that the nozzle is visibly further to the right in comparison with the original UM2 hot end.


I'm guessing I need to adjust Cura for this? I don't know how. Do you?



Better to redesign the mount rather than taking the stock E3D design, as they are old, i kinda solved this for my V6 by reworking the wholething

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