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3.2.1 crashes using 3.1 configuration files

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Cura 3.2.1 crashes on installation whether I remove 3.1 or not. Selecting the 3.2.1 install notice to clear & restart gives a successful install but all config and profile files are erased. If I move my backup config files back to the their appdata folder, 3.2 crashed on startup. I removed 3.2 and did a clean install (new config files). Copying over just my profiles crashes 3.2. This may be because I did not copy the right group of files. Cura 3.2.0 also had these problems. The only non-standard setup in my Cura environment is that I have disabled "Materials" and use different Profiles for each material.  


 The error log with several install and start attempts is attached.



windows 10

current working version: Cura 3.1

updating to Cura 3.2.1

"Materials" configuration disabled

Machine other\Prussa i3 (ANET A8)

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I changed a config flag so that the material field is not displayed. I enter changes between filaments in the profile and name the profile to identify the filament settings with the other settings changes. For example: "INLAND PLA Blue 0.2/60" I have never found an explanation of how the material configuration works with the profile configuration. Which takes precedence over the other in the applied settings? I doubt this is causing the error, but just wanted to point this out.

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The same to me.

In result of the crash I lost every of my Cura settings. With a backup, I was able to somehow restore the version 3.1.

But I did not know where all my Settings are.


Please could anybody explain me, where on a Windows PC all the Settings are? I mean for my Printer itself, Material, the printersettings.

I was a little bit desperated.


With 3.2.1 i could not add Octoprint as a Printer - but why?


Edited by heinzel

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For the lost settings, find the settings path as above:

To find the settings open cura. Under help select Show Configuration Folder. When you select this it will display the path and files.

Go there with explorer. I found a zip file created by cura 3.2 with my 3.1 settings. It was named 3.2_23536 or similar.

Unzip into the settings path. 

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I run always in trouble. So I looked closer to the errordiscription.


Voila: One little german Umlaut ( an ü) in one of the Materia Settings was the Problem. I changed them to an o , restarted and cura 3.2.1 started without any problems.

No I am going to test the software itself - if everything is working.


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It was a setting file in the <configuration folder>/quality/

There I used Materialnames with german Umlaut. So the Filename used asciicoding:


No Unicode? This is odd.


But the problem was the content of the value for "name=". It should call "für". But it was like the picture show.

2018-03-15 19_13_22-makerbotreplicator_fdmextruder_gal_copperfill%2Bf%25C3%25BCr%2B0.6.inst.cfg - Vi.png

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heinzel - I looked for the makerbotre....insr.cfg and I do not have that file in Cura 3.1 or 3.2. However, 3.2 crashes only with I copy my inst.cfg files into the 3.2 quality folder. I checked each file and found 2 files of 1k in length fulled with NULs. After deleting these 3.2 now loads properly. I looked through by system backup and found the 2 corrupted files as far back as last December. 3.1 apparently ignored them. 


I looking forward to trying the new features in 3.2

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