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Printer no longer reading cura generated gcode

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This is a software question. I've been using Cura for my Anycubic I3 mega for about 2 weeks, and it had been working fine. Today, I was trying to print a new file that I generated from Cura, and it just wouldn't print. So, I re-rote the gcode, and tried it again. nothing. It doesn't even start warming the bed or the nozzle. I tested some old gcode and it printed just fine. So, I tried testing out a different model. I downloaded a Benchy from Thingiverse, put it in Cura, exported it into gcode. still nothing. I then uninstalled Cura, and installed an updated version. I put in new printer settings. Exported Benchy again, and still nothing. I tried a different SD card even, and that didn't work. I've also restarted my computer several times out of desperation. I'm at a loss at this point. Any suggestions? I've attached a screen capture of my setting for reference. 



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Hi and welcome to the forums.


Did you compare the old (and working) .gcode files and the newly generated one? Do the headers look different or are there any missing commands for heating up the nozzle?

When you say "nothing happens" - does the printer not react at all when you start the print or does it skip right to the end of print routine and possibly homes the head? Admitedly I know nothing about your printer hardware but since you are familiar with it, you can judge if the printer can't read the .gcode file or if something simmilar happens.


Have you tried to create an empty .gcode file and start to print it? Does the printer behave the same as with the newly generated (and not working) .gcode files?

There are several gcode readers available. You could load the non working .gcode files and see if the print preview works. Personally I am using the IdeaMaker software as my default gcode viewer on the Mac (because it starts faster than Cura and doesn't mess with the Cura settings if I am currently working with it).


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Hi Nicolinux, thanks for the response. I just put the .gcode into a reader, and can't see a difference. I attached an image incase someone who know more about it than me can spot a problem. The code on the left doesn't work, and the one on the right works fine. 


By "nothing happens" basically, I press print, and the printing screen comes on, however, nothing changes. It doesn't home or heat up. It just sits there. Then when I hit stop on the machine, it says stop command has failed. I have to manually turn of the printer in order to do anything. 


I'm not sure how to generate an empty .gcode but I'm happy to try if I can figure out how to write one.



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Okay, so I don't think it's the gcode. I'm pretty convinced it's the SD card. Still not sure how to fix it though. I can't get any new files I put on the card to be read properly by the printer. It won't even read the original gcode test "owl pair.gcode" that came with the printer. The issue now is I can't get a new SD card to read either. I'm not sure if there is a formatting process for the card or what. Anyone have advice on this? Thanks!

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Same here. Files were shown, but once selected and started nothing happened. Bed temperature stayed at 0. Old gcode files worked fine. I backed up files form the SD card and formatted it using FAT with Mac Disk Utility, ran Cura again, saved to the newly formatted SD card and now it works again. Thanks for sharing. Saved a lot of time.

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