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Polypropylene Issues

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I searched around the forums and could not find much information on my particular issue. I have UM brand Polypropylene and I simply cannot get a part to print well.  I am using UM adhesion sheets, which are amazing, and do NOT have any bed adhesion problems. However, after the first 10-20 layers or so the nozzle starts to clog and I get severe under extrusion that results in just little wisps coming out of the nozzle.  I started with all Ultimaker defaults, increased temp, lower temp, 0.1mm and 0.2mm layers, 30mm/s speed, 70mm/s speed.  The filament doesn't make any popping noises or anything, so I don't *think* its wet (and it was brand new out of the package).  I even cleaned out the extruder cooling fan to ensure air flow, and cleaned the nozzle really well (cold pulls, etc).


Has anyone else come across this problem?


I am running an UM3, AA0.4 Core, Cura 3.2


Edit: the underextrusion I am describing looks like this guys prints (except I am printing PP) 


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Did you have any further luck with printing your part with Polypropylene? I'm again also trying to print with it whereas results aren't great with default Cura settings. Adhesion is good but the print itself is just not good. Part I'm trying to print has some overhangs which I understand aren't that easy but even the first layer and plane horizontal ones seem to have issues. There also doesn't seem to be that much experience with PP in general so will be lots of trial - error I guess. In case you had any eureka moments, would appreciate sharing them. ?


PP Print.jpg

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I did a few things, not sure which it was that worked.

a.) I put the filament in my dryer overnight

b.) I was using a 3D Solex HardCore nozzle, but switched back to the UM3 AA Core.

c.) I went back to using UM3/Cura default profiles


magically, it started working again.  I suspect that the material was just wet, maybe the 3DSolex core was also contributing.  The 3D solex seems to have a tighter throat where the filament goes through, which seems to cause some issues with material swelling sometimes.

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Meanwhile it also magically (unless my actions helped here) improved on my end... What I did differently:

- I did a factory reset of my Ultimaker. Earlier this week, I upgraded to the latest firmware but meanwhile learned that some setting might not get applied unless you perform a factory reset. It was for sure the case for me since I couldn't select PP material after having updated my firmware (I used my own settings for bed temp / nozzle temp I had added). After factory reset, I was able to select PP material when loading

- Because of the factory reset, I did have to level the bed again. Always bid of a challenge (just one more which is little too firm or one less which seems too loose ?

- Loaded PP material selecting "PP" from the list of materials now


I then printed it again with same Cura default settings I had before and the result is much better. Now, it's much better but it's still not as nice as printing it with PLA.


I believe I read somewhere about the retraction as well so maybe something I should further look into as well. In any case, for now, for this print, I'm ok with the result.


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I think it will never rival PLA in aesthetic "quality", but it is very strong, and doesnt like to delaminate.  Very flexible depending on how thick  you print the walls.


I use it for glue templates in production.  When they get gummed up, we just toss them in acetone overnight to dissolve the glue and they are like brand new the next day, ready to go.

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