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Ultimaker 2 with cyclops (dual print with single nozzle)

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Hello together,


after building a custom custom frame for an UM2 Link and make several test's with dual printing system's, I decided to make a test with an Cyclops extruder clone.

At first I started with the firmware because i will use only 1 heater and only an resistor from the tempsensor of the second unused heater. 

What's done for the moment?

- Printing: GCODE hotend changed with M104 and M109 changes every time the temperature of the hotend 0 independently of the temperature is set for E0 or E1.

In the picture you can see that heater 1 is heating und steps of heater 2 changes


- Cleaning print menu

Temperatur 2 is removed but material flow 1 and 2 are still available


- Material change for second nozzle changed, now it heat's hotend 1 with the temperature of the material 2


- Changing the function of advanced maintence

At first step i changed the function of heatup of the second nozzle. Changing this temp changes the temp of the first heater.


- Changing the function move material 2 in advanced maintence

If it's selected it changes the temp of hotend 1 with the temp of material 2 and when the temp ist arrived I can move the material 2 (E2)


- Build a Cura 3.3.1 printer configuration (I modified the config of Link)



What are the next steps?

- Finishing the cleaning of advanced maintence (remove heatup secondary nozzle, it's a little big trickier as I thought)

- Check if it's possible to deactivate the error for the missing Tempsensor, if not a potentiometer should work great ?

- Build and mod the printer, make test's and show the finished build here (parts are ordered and I'm waiting) ?

- Show the prints here and on my homepage

- Make a documentation of the build (mod), will publish the documentation here @ SeoGeo_de

- Publish the Marlin code on Github


Needed parts:

- Change filament size to 1.75 mm

- 2 new extruder requiered with 1.75 mm support

- 1 new Steppermotor for E2

- Cyclops V2 printhead and a few small parts


At last known issues / specification

- GCODE has to be Marlincode, with Ultimaker code it don't work (for me no problem because I use octoprint)

- I can't check in Marlin if the GCODE sent  temp is the print temp or the standby temp, so I have to set for the  standbytemp the printing temp of the other material.


                             Extruder 1 PLA              Extruder 2 ABS

Print temp                  200°C                           240°C

Standbay temp           240°C                           200°C

If somebody know how I can detect if the send temp is printtemp or standbytemp, this step can be ignored

- Change the filament size to 1.75 mm (I didn't found an Cyclops with 2.85 mm)


If somebody have questions or  can help me with my issues, please answer here or write me a pm.


Sorry for my english I hope all can understand what i have wrote.


Bye Daniel


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Hi Daniel, interesting project!


I am upgrading my UMO+ with an dual extrusion system from E3D, too. But I‘ll use the Chimera+ instead of the Cyclops+. However unfortunately there are no 3mm versions - I hate that.

I won‘t switch to 1.75mm filament because I still have tons of 3mm spools and buying two new extruders is probably more expensive than modifying the Chimera/Cyclops to a 3mm version as I will do.

You „just“ have to drill and glue a bit and buy new custom made 3mm version heatbreaks (that‘s the expensive part but you can even make those heatbreaks out of a better titan alloy).


Have a look at my post in the german forums: 


There‘s a picture on the 2nd page what has to modified.


Just to give you an alternative to consider. It‘s up to you.

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But I have order all parts for the printer new. 

I start fresh with 1.75 and have to buy new filament, but yes if it's possible to change modify the extruder it's also a possibility.

And for me one possible aspect is I can test filament from friends they use all 1.75.

The only what had to be changed is the steps for the extruder.


And in German:

"Danke für den Tipp, hätte ich vielleicht vorher schauen können ? Grüße aus BW"



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It was a very long step to show this but now I can show my first dual prints with 1 temp sensor and 1 heater.

The printquality is not the best because the temperature is not stable or the difference is to big between both colours. The reason is that normally there have to be a 6*30mm heater but I only have a 6*16mm. But I think I will get the right heater soon.

But here my first 2 videos:




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At the moment I´m making print test. 

For example I found an error in M140 code for the heated bed (I erased a line to much ?).

For the moment the decision to change from Cyclops clone to um2 printhead was a great decision.


- No temperature problems like i had with cyclops clone

- Cheaper like with cyclopse

- If somebody will build this, he needs only a stepper-motor, an 2nd extruder and little bit of ptfe tube.

  If somebody make an y adapter, splitter or how ever its called, for 3 mm it should work with your actual setup and don´t have to change to 1.75 mm

I used this Y adapter from thingiverse



- it looks like I have to extrude more material to change the color like with the cyclopse

- switching the material takes a little bit longer

- I need to make a toolstart and stop script in Cura

- I need to add in maintance a menu to change the selected extruder


Actual i´m printing the dual frog, here a few pictures of the setup (build) and the print. Tomorrow i will post a new print video and pictures of the frog.





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The first real dual print is finished, I had 2 times a switching problem with the black colour. Tonight I will check why. 

Here a few pictures. I'm really happy. Now I will make print  test's until end of next week and then go to vacation. Here I will write a how to and relaese it as beta here.

Now a few pictures







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Hi fcassulo,


the change is not only a change in the configuration.h.

It's a lot more you have to change a lot of things. the biggest problem is to get it work without the second PT100.


But it don't take long for the SW release.

I have a working alpha Version and finishing the release Version where you can choose if you work with Cyclopse or with Y adapter to make the Filament Change und set the height of retract if you have an Y-Adapter but it takes a little bit, I'm milling a big project for my wife in the living room and for the "WAF" it's important to do this first 🙂


The SW works and I'm finishing it release will come soon.


Best wishes Daniel

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