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Volumetric extruding.


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Posted (edited) · Volumetric extruding.

I have been searching for a while now and cannot find a solution. 

I am using Cura 3.2.0 connecting to a Duet Wifi 1.21 with a coreXY and a diamond hotend. Every time i find some information on setting up to enable firmware retract I am told to set the GCode flavor to Reprap (volumetric). Do not have that as an option. I have Marlin (volumetric), but the duet does not like that flavor very well. I have read I can use Ulticode because its volumetric, but said I could not use Start GCode. But have tested that and it seems I still can. So not sure the version they were using.


Will there be any compability issues with using Ultimaker 2 flavor? 

Am I missing the RepRap (volumetric) option for some reason?

If anyone has a similar setup, mind sharing some settings?



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    Posted · Volumetric extruding.

    reprap volumetric I believe is identical to marlin volumetric.


    With "volumetric" the extruder values are in mm^3 but with normal mode the extruder values are in mm (linear).  In normal mode, cura needs to know your filament diameter.  In volumetric mode the printer needs to know your filament diameter.


    volumetric is something that Ultimaker invented so I'm quite surprised that the Duet would support such a thing.  The way Marlin (the printer firmware) detects whether a gcode file is in volumetric mode versus regular mode is it looks at the comments at the top of the gcode file and somewhere in there (no idea where) is a hint of some sort that Marlin looks for to decide.


    I'm not sure of any good reason to use volumetric unless you swap between 1.75mm and 2.85mm filaments often and want to print the same part in both, one after the other and don't want to create 2 gcode files.  Does anyone ever do this?  I think not.


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    Posted · Volumetric extruding.

    If you want firmware retraction then your firmware needs to have M207, M208, M209, G10, and G11 enabled.  It looks like the M207 goes in the startup gcode (it doesn't appear that Cura adds it) to set the parameters for the firmware.


    Are you mixing colors with M163, 4, 5, 6?  If so then if you have E0, E1 and E2 mixing into virtual extruder E3 then when E3 is active all three extruders must push together and I would assume that on a G10 command that all three extruders would retract as well.  I believe all of that is handled in the firmware.  Be advised that what "I believe" may not have anything to do with reality.


    In later versions of Cura there is a plugin "Printer Settings" (available in the MarketPlace).  It is the new location for "Extruders Share Heater" and "Extruders Share Nozzle" and also for "Enable Firmware Retraction".  I have no idea if that could be made to work with 3.2 or if you would need to move up to 4.10.  You can enable firmware retraction without resorting to Volumetric as it works with both Absolute and Relative extrusion modes.

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