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Polyalchemy Elixir tests

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Ok, so far I have been running a lot of prints with Polyalchemy's Elixir with PVA and no issues there as I expected. However, I am doing a two colour test right now and the results are very nice. This means that I am having to use the PLA as a support. the main objects are sturdy, so no thin, spindly tests so far. But the support came off like a breeze and any little oddities from the nozzles (little protuberances or 'threads)  as it starts to print a layer just come off cleanly with a fingernail and leave no marks or blemishes on the surface. It should be noted I am not using a priming tower on any prints nor do I use an ooze shield. So, for my tests with the two color design, I am very happy with this stuff. Very pretty filament. Whilst not sure of strength, pretty is what I am doing not strength.


I will post some pics when the current test print comes off the S5.

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And how does it handle cutting and sanding? Does this leave dirty marks, or is it smooth?


Like some PLA gets ugly white marks or becomes terribly fibrous, when cutting or sanding it, while on some others it is barely visible?


I haven't seen it in reality, but on photos I like the satin-metalic shine.

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This is the mini test for lettering inset and switch placement. The switch cavity has been tightened a bit on the left and right and the mounting pole extended.


This picture was of it on the buildplate with all the supports still in place. You can see the burs and strings from not using the ooze shield or a priming tower. Most importantly, no color pollution.



This is just a couple of minutes with the fingernail to remove the burs and strings. For the final, I will put more time to make it as clean as need be. But, not much work.



And the switch in place to test now well it mounted. It would have been tighter, but honestly, I forgot I have a micrometer for doing real measurements. Dummy me. But, I have tightened it on the left and right. Other than that discrepancy, it works. I had some test lettering that filled in the negative space and it worked just fine. I will be printing out the final lettering tomorrow in the proper color. A dark Blue (Polyalchemy Elixir Night Sky) so that it bounces out of the copper field, but is not the same as the black. This whole project will take about a month to print barring any printing mishaps. All printed on the S5 since that is the machine it will be printed on sans the logo inset on the base.


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