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Looking for complete guide for changing TFM coupler

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Looking for complete guide for changing TFM coupler on a UM2+, existing or if someone is willing to make one.

All I can find are old ones for the old printhead.

Had some bad luck with leakage caused by screwing it to loosely and I think I misshaped it a second time by screwing it to tight. When I tried to pull the PTFE coupler out of the steel coupler I had to use a plier and found out that the threaded, thinner, part of the steel coupler is ultra thin 😞 


I am using the TFK2K from 3D Solex (PTFE coupler and I2K chip). But since I'm thinking of abandoning printing at temperatures above 260° maybe I'm better of with standard TFM coupler?

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I managed to find Ultimakers guide via google;



I guess I overcomplicated things when I started measuring the depth in the steel coupler to the "ledge" that starts before the threads end, looking down in it from above. Then I measured the length of the part of the TFM coupler that goes into the steel coupler and Houston, we have a problem. I wrongly assumed that it would be sitting tight all the way down against the "ledge".

In my confusion I also wondered how long are you supposed to screw the steel coupler on the heater block.


To make things more complicated I had the 3D Solex TF2K thingy, that  is longer than original TFM coupler making it impossible to use Ultimakers above mentioned guide because you have to unscrew the metal coupler the same length that the TF2K is longer.

Please correct me here if I'm wrong!


What a mess but now it's time for a test run with my baby ❤️ 

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