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Gaps between top skin and inner walls CR10Mini/Cura 3.5.1

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Posted · Gaps between top skin and inner walls CR10Mini/Cura 3.5.1


I have a problem that makes me crazy

There are very bad looking gaps in the top layer between inner walls and then the top skin 

I try to increase overlap 

decrease the line width for inner width 

increase the flow 

I try a lot of things 

and nothing solves it completely 

Printer : CR10Mini

Slicer  : Cura 3.5.1

Filaments : CCRTEE PLA

My settings 

;SETTING_3 {"global_quality": "[general]\\nversion = 4\\nname = pla\\ndefinition;SETTING_3  = fdmprinter\\n\\n[metadata]\\nquality_type = coarse\\ntype = qualit;SETTING_3 y_changes\\nsetting_version = 5\\n\\n[values]\\nadhesion_type = skirt;SETTING_3 \\nlayer_height = 0.2\\nlayer_height_0 = 0.1\\nmaterial_bed_temperatu;SETTING_3 re = 80\\nretraction_combing = noskin\\n\\n", "extruder_quality": ["[;SETTING_3 general]\\nversion = 4\\nname = pla\\ndefinition = fdmprinter\\n\\n[m;SETTING_3 etadata]\\nquality_type = coarse\\ntype = quality_changes\\nposition ;SETTING_3 = 0\\nsetting_version = 5\\n\\n[values]\\nbottom_layers = 3\\ninfill_;SETTING_3 overlap = 12\\ninfill_pattern = grid\\ninfill_sparse_density = 20\\nm;SETTING_3 aterial_flow = 105\\nmaterial_print_temperature = 215\\noptimize_wall;SETTING_3 _printing_order = True\\nretraction_amount = 5.5\\nretraction_hop = 0;SETTING_3 .2\\nretraction_hop_enabled = True\\nretraction_hop_only_when_collide;SETTING_3 s = True\\nretraction_speed = 55\\nroofing_layer_count = 2\\nskin_ove;SETTING_3 rlap = 20\\nskirt_line_count = 5\\nspeed_wall_x = 30\\ntop_bottom_pat;SETTING_3 tern = concentric\\ntop_layers = 3\\nwall_line_count = 3\\nwall_line_;SETTING_3 width_x = 0.3\\nzig_zaggify_infill = True\\n\\n"]}


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Posted · Gaps between top skin and inner walls CR10Mini/Cura 3.5.1

When I looked at the pic I thought under extrusion but looking at your settings well no.

I am looking at your settings and interpreting them as 0.1mm layer height, print speed 30mm/s, extruder temp. 215. You do not say , so I assume material is PLA; in which case you are way too hot.

With those settings I would probably print at 185, certainly no hotter than 190. Now of course different printers work differently but unless you have a partial blockage in your feed system ( which you need to fix!) 215 is ridiculously hot for PLA with your settings.


Also I read your settings as defining 3 top layers. If that is correct and you are using a small % infill, say anything below 60%, then you need far more with .100 layer height. I would suggest a minimum of 12 but that does really depend on your infill setting.



Sort out your temp and top layers

Set your flow back to 100%

Set all your wall widths back to your nozzle settings

FWIW I use 15% for infill overlap; no harm in trying more if you want to but depending on your number of walls, going substantially higher could eventually impact you surface quality.

And post back.  How high is the model?


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